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Is the Philippines part of the Illuminati plan for the New World Order?

The supposed motives of those individuals said to be part of that elite scheming group known as the Illuminati–with numerous ties to other secretive organizations such as the Freemasons and International Banking Cartels–to establish a New World Order of absolute control and subservience on the world has been documented extensively in various websites, books, even movies and documentaries. Subset of this grand conspiracy are many sub-lore concerning various, often suspicious and inexplicable events concerning economic, political, social, even science and health issues and spanning the whole of human history from the inception of homo sapiens and throughout the rise and fall of various human civilizations.

Having digested a good number of these interesting, often contradictory, and sometimes humorous allegations–has prompted me to ask the obvious question: does it have anything to do with me?

I understand the sometimes fanatic appeal of conspiracy theories to Americans–as the supposed key players of the conspiracies are American, and some European powers. But for a regular Filipina like myself and perhaps for many Asians as well, all of these Illuminati and NWO gibberish are simply part of American pop culture. The machinations of these elite groups can be said to inflict hell on the otherwise comfortable and excessive lifestyles of the west, but to Asians like myself, who regularly witness “crap” on the street, the idea isn’t as compelling.

This is why I am putting up this website. I’m not here to reinvent the wheel or regurgitate already redundant information available to everyone about these nefarious conspiracies. I’m here to see if these ideas can possibly apply to a Third World country already plagued with a lot of problems of its own.

After all, the New World Order supposedly spans the entire globe–so what role can countries such as the Philippines possibly have in such a utopia? Logically, since the progenitors of the plot are arguably from the west, that can’t be good for countries far from the centers of power…

Then again, even without the conspiracies, Third World is already on the losing end of the Current World Order, so part of my curiosity is: can it get worse?

In a way, by checking if the New World Order can apply to the Philippines–we can validate the trueness of the “global” intent behind the conspiracy theory. Otherwise, we shouldn’t call it New World Order–just New American-European Order.

Apart from this, this is also not to say that there aren’t any conspiracies or anything resembling conspiracies already occurring in the Philippines. Asking whether these “localized” issues have any link to the Illuminati or the New World Order is an interesting intellectual exercise as well.



  1. i’m likewise interested in topics like these. so what role do the philippines play in the grand scheme of the illuminati?

  2. No, you are not part of the plan. You are to die as the Africans. And a few of you will be used to destroy the Aryan race. Plans to send 50 million Africans to Europe are in place. Makes it even easier to plunder your Countries than now. And as usual, as with European Colonialism, your politicians are having their palms greased. Do you really think that a country like Holland could have ruled Indonesia without the collaboration of the Sultans?
    In 1900 you could see ships with flags from all over the world in Aceh apart from Dutch flags. The Sultan was not corrupt and would not allow the Dutch in. Can you say that about Marcos and the current corrupt crop?

  3. You guys better WAKE UP FAST…You are under a religious and political yoke…Instead of escaping from responsibility and finding a way out by LEAVING the country try to stand up and remove the ones who are enslaving you!! What question is it the Phils is part of the Illuminati plan?? Everyone is under their control!! And this has been happeing for 5726 years!! Look at this and get the answer for yourself….

  4. Put aside conspiracies or whatever “crap” there is-everything that claims “this” or “that” that seem to muddle and mess up the works. The truth is never that far. It is common knowledge that in everything an hierarchy exist-a virtual pyramid. Those at the top rules and dictates in subtle manipulations a subservient lower class which is very natural and holds true even in macro cosmic scales….” As above so below” – Hermes Trismegistus. With that being true, Democracy was a mere deceptive tool and we are mocked…there is no way an ignorant and powerless masses could ever decide their future or of the world- the Elite were right. As with the illuminatti schemes, it’s neither good nor evil- it’s a matter of perspective

  5. Someone is subservient only and if his mind pattern is subservient…There is no other possibility…The ruling Elite know that they can do whatever they want because very few will ever react and say no to them…Standing united is what people never do…Ignorance lies in not making the effort of seeing where freedom is and follow the path…If u say the Illuminati schemes are neither good or evil you lack major knowledge on the matter…The link of February 10 is a good way to start and WAKE UP Archie!!!

  6. Spot on TR.

    You said it all for me.



  7. I’ve read it all and I’ve been studying the occult for more than ten years beside being a practitioner myself. All this information regarding the “illuminati” and the alleged “conspiracy theories” had been creating so much appeal on the American pop culture and in the mainstream culture around the world. But we must be cautious and not be so gullible in accepting half-truths and fantastic claims with the potentials of a blockbuster Hollywood movie because it’s evident who were cashing in on this crazy ideas. There had been real conspiracies, no question, but, like destiny, it will be revealed unto us when it comes.

  8. Hollywood movies?????? American poo culture?????? U gotta be kidding….Your comments are completely OFF TRACK…The person that wrote the stories in the link is NOT an actor by the way…Hollywood is in your mind unfortunately…Still lack major knowledge on the matter…OK the go to youtube and digit Anthony C. Sutton and watch his interview about the interlock of the shadow governments and what happened in WWII, then read his books, they are available for download. That’s much more accessible for you perhaps…The link i sent you is too advanced for your reading at the moment. Your final comment smells “religious”, and that’s perhaps your major mistake in your approach…Read more Archie you are well behind these things and behind schedule….

  9. Another useful author for you to look into is David Icke, nothing to do with American pop culture or similar nonsense because he’s British. The internet is flooded with his videos and books., by the way….Another one is Eustace Mullins: The secrets of the Federal Reserve…Go to google video and digit America: from freedom to fascism, that’s a good film just to name a few….

  10. I was forgetting…..Eric Jon Phepls website and book: and the youtube video “cult of the sun” to tap into the religious hoax….BY the way all the authors don’t study or are into any “cheap occult” stuff, they study real things with documents. Tapping into the brain capacities that are not developed or open is not the occult is called “accessing the hyperspace”.

  11. Archie, did you copy and paste this from a website? I think it was ‘save the males’, Makov. You studied the occult for 10 years? I was forced to get some water on my forehead when I was 2 weeks old. That was supposed to make me a lifemember of the occult. I am now 74 and I can tell you that everybody was wasting time. I am my own man. And being in WW2 for 5 years changed nothing. Let me assure you that there are plenty of atheists in the foxholes. But you better sit back and let it all be revealed to you, like the Cargo cult. But a man with experience beats a man with a theory any time. To put it politely, you talk crap.

  12. Thats exactly the way to put it Henk.



  13. I remembered a local thief conspiracy not so long ago, this indeed is in miniscule proportion to that of the illuminati and very much less complex….somebody accidentally gained access to a cellphone owned by one of the thieves..they killed him in time before any possible fiasco.

  14. Aren’t popular conspiracy-busters dead by now? are a conspiracy wealthier…and if one of them is – that’s a 10…the remaining 90 is either it’s another diversionary tactic or the plot is getting nasty deeper…see the cloak-and-dagger methodology? – we are always incalculably many many steps behind…that’s how an illuminati mind ticks…so I think.

    See how this logic substantially outweigh your “experience”?

    Sometimes I love musing in this line of thought–that this “conspiracy-busters” are mere minions–propagating a loud bang on the screen while the real conspiracies are transpiring under our noses unnoticed.

  15. Archie, the best I can say for your writings is that at least you are searching for truth. The rest is of no substance. Keep dabbling in the occult. I have never seen any good come out of it. Put a Shaman and a Priest together and you have a Government. Whereas before you had plenty to eat and time for social activities you now work like a bastard to meet your daily needs and you are that tired that there is no time to socialize. Don’t confuse the modern religions with the beautiful Dreamtime of the Australian Aborigines who were still hunted on horseback and shot in 1940. Enlightenment. Lucifers. Freemasons. Illuminati. In the USA the worker has not had a real increase in wages since 1971 since Nixon nixed the Goldstandard. The Illuminati want the gold. And how better to get it than to make war and impoverish people so that they have to part with their gold and silver on the black market to survive. They would never part with their heirlooms voluntarily. It takes 630 gallons of water to make 1 pair of levy’s and 20 gallons for 1 pint of beer but that is fine because the stooges for Rothshild and other bludgers will make money. They want us back as serfs like in the Middle Ages Archie. Nice to consider that your grand-daughter’s first sex will be with the Master, le droit de Seignieur.But as I said before, just keep on going about your business with your eyes closed. Your children and their children will thank you ever so much. Oops, I mean they will thank the masters for a piece of bread.
    Archie, this will be my last posting here as I don’t intend to be your teacher together with TR whom I thank for his sensible views and links to other sites.
    I wish you all the best Archie. Open your eyes and you too can be of some use.
    Thanks TR. You already are. Regards.

  16. Sorry, I forgot to remind you to take one Red pill per day Archie.
    A.H. van Herp
    11 Vernon Ave.

  17. Quote See how this logic substantially outweigh your “experience”? Unquote
    Very unimpressive logic indeed, the logic of a subservient and victimized mind. The difference is made by the awareness of things and by how one changes his individual reality first not by how much behind we are as opposed to them.
    The improvement of one’s evolutionary path starts from individual awareness then propagates to the more and possibly to the collective that’s how the “herd” chain is broken. The victim sticks his head in the sand, perhaps after having realized that there’s a force that is programming his mind and keeps the head well into the sand, because when he sticks it out Goliath will kill him anyways, no matter how much effort he puts in trying to stop him. That’s how Goliath plays “convincing” people that it’s better to keep their head well deep in the sand…..Looks like the stick-my-head-in-the-sand ones are keeping it there for a very long time and are not willing to stick it out…They have a very low opinion of themselves and of the powers they have…Strangely enough they cannot achieve anything for themselves first nor give any contribution of any kind to the world…Simpletons, victims possibly sitting in front of a cross repeating mind-programmed activities over and over again without making any sense of anything.

  18. “Occult” it was before it gets the nod of the scientific community, now it’s “accessing the hyperspace”. Both points to the same discipline, Henk, and if nothing good can come out of it please read my document

  19.……try this though.

  20. I’m not good in writing stuffs but I give it to everyone for free….it’s a priceless piece of document and I would be very happy if you read it.

  21. Kindly wait for the addendum very soon to better understand it…..

    One point I want to put across is that any sentient being loves Freedom. Freedom is really very close at hand….it’s not impossible, all we have to do is to measure up to how much it’s worth, then and only then can we gain it. The “masses” needs to reeducate themselves not by garbage or some crazy stuffs but by the Truth. This enormous task might be long and tedious… we’ll get by…it’s just a question of leadership.

  22. Just a quick post for all the readers use and a very good source of information of real news by independent writers, journalists and academics is, featuring articles also on south east asia and the philippines.

  23. Thanks for the info.

    “Esoteric Agenda” of Google is an interesting and comprehensive video where you can post comments…..also try to see Kymatica at

  24. Ma’am Liwanag, you asked whither the predicament we are in could get worse, that’s positive. However, recent developments of NWO push to even up the economies of the West to that of Asia might, we hope, bring us more benefits than bad luck.

  25. Archie, I think you are the original poster.
    After all, it starts with ‘possible conspiracies’. Maybe you think that the overthrow of Marcos was a genuine uprising of the people and not order from the Catholic church because Marcos would not part with his ill gotten gains to satisfy the church. The same as the Irish voted against the European Constitution on orders issued by Papa, who seems to have forgotten that Jesus said ‘call no man father’. No Archie, the common people of the Philippines are too busy scratching out a living on the garbage dumps as we will be when the NWO succeeds to bring the living standard of the West in line with the East. I always had the idea of progressing together. Regarding the occult and pain: as I said before the man with experience beats the man with a theory. I have been there Archie. I had out-of-body experiences, saw aura’s etc. But I stopped that nonsense. I leave it to the hyperspace scientists who don’t know that the ‘Big Bang’ was an attempt to reconcile science and religion. Now they have spent billions of my dollars to build the Large Hadron Collider to look for the god particle which will tell us how it all happened. They’ll never find it because it is not there. So I’ll just prepare for death. Funny thing that. I have no formal religion but I accept the Universe as it is and not as other people would like it to be.
    I am part of the Universe, always have been and always will be. When you accept that there is nothing to fear about dying or death. And pain control. Interesting subject. I practiced it. Knocked a nail through my biceps, straight through the artery. Burned myself and stuck pins in my body everywhere. But there is pain and there is pain Archie. I carved my initials the whole length of my forearm. Was ever so proud. Till I found out that it was pain I could stop occurring. Which is quite different from pain over which you have no power to say ‘stop’. I had a urinary tract infection and the microbes ate part of the nerve away. And all my knowledge was worth zero, I am on morphine. I should have known better because during WW2 I had a lot of pain I could not stop. Look up ‘Dutch famine’ in Wikipedia and you’ll get an idea of what the Philippino’s are still going through every day. Obviously not our host because the average citizen could not afford a computer in the Philippines. I’m going to play a game of Freecell Archie. I’ll leave the occult in the hands of your scientists who can muck up anything without trying.
    P.S. Don’t forget that the Pope is a politician.

  26. I have nothing against your intelligence and experience – the “Dynamic Duo” worth having, reminiscent of my Australian friend, Captain Mark Bridges. Add to that a third essential element – Intuition, and that would yield a man of wisdom. I guess the lack of it is one of the main reason why people are at a loss in finding the Truth nowadays. The Illuminati were cleaver enough of denying us that essential limb. They have succeeded in stereotyping the occult as evil( they are practitioners themselves) while seeing to it that our educational system’s syllabus develops only the other part of our brains.

    As with the Philippine political circus – it’s the usual slipping-your-hand-under-your-shirt-and-wiggle-your-fingers phenomenon. It appears to the intelligent that the fabric is moving; an experienced man sees through the fabric and notice the animating fingers doing the trick; while the intuitive man Knows the intents of the mind behind the act.

    That’s not how you do it. The Art of Mastering Pain is a discipline worth anybody’s time specially those in pain…. wait for the addendum.

  27. Thanks Archie. I like you because you are so incredibly naive. You think that the goal of the NWO is to raise the 3rd world’s living standard to ours whereas the reality is that we go down to theirs. See you on the garbage dump. The Illuminati have taken nothing away from me apart from my money. I have always been my own man and will die like that. One last story. Years ago I read a book called ” End Product “. It is about a young woman who goes and visits her brother in Africa where he is CEO of an abattoir. But instead of cattle negroes are being processed to feed the hungry West. They get stunned before being killed but the process is not perfect. She is horrified and when she sees a negroe ready to be slaughtered she sets him free. And is naive enough to believe that he appreciates that. Maybe he did but he killed her just the same. All in all, a forgettable book. Apart from one thing. The Bibliography. I was astonished how far the plans are developed to do just that. And who advocates it. So don’t go around telling people all will be right. And this is definitely my last post here because it is arguing for the sake of argument. I feel like a man in a revolving door with no exit. I wish everybody all the best.

  28. ” Man is so made that he resist sound argument and yet yield to a glance”….

  29. …….”Power does not consist in striking with force or with frequency, but in striking true”….

    – Honore de Balzac

  30. You don’t have to believe in anything – conspiracy, NWO, religion, etc.

    What one needs to do is to try to understand them, ie. plausibility, probability, possibility, and most of all, the motivations.

    We at LHR have researched the motivations, and the reasons why certain scientific knowledge must be suppressed before they will lose relevance.

    We have verified these technologies to be faith-shattering and willing to share this for free once the right government is in place.

  31. Filresist,

    What government are you talking about? The new world government? Does filresist stands for filipino resistance. I am A Filipino and I will resist anybody or anything that will take away our freedom.

  32. I’m still in the dark of what kind of government filresist is talking about but I’m fairly sure that it is not the NWO, in fact, contrary to what you believed, the present government is the new world government.

    Mrs Monsod Bragged on tv that computerized system be employed in the coming elections to lessen if not ward off election fraud….we’d have to say “tell that to the marines!”. Since when did we had a clean elections? it didn’t happened…not ever.

    Our corrupt government has been meddled and manipulated upon by higher hierarchies that could be traced back to the illuminati.

    I’ve read a phrase which somewhat says ” To enslave the people make them believe they are free”…that’s where elections came in, giving them the illusion of freedom – people believing they were exercising theirs when in fact they’re not. Everything has been orchestrated to put on a good show while behind the scenes a monstrous power is pulling up the strings in a handpicking spree for yet another set of corrupt officials.

    It’s a sad realization that we are not a Democracy or a Republic in every sense of the words.

  33. …….bobokap, your freedom is nonexistent.

  34. <> I will give a 10 on this

    << Since when did we had a clean elections? it didn’t happened…not ever…… 10

    <<Our corrupt government has been meddled and manipulated upon by higher hierarchies that could be traced back to the illuminati……10

    <<Everything has been orchestrated to put on a good show while behind the scenes a monstrous power is pulling up the strings in a handpicking spree for yet another set of corrupt officials…..10

    <<…….bobokap, your freedom is nonexistent….0

    Archie, you are a very intelligent person on the other hand you you seem to have given up on everything, I hope not to yourself…. it is attitude that counts mostly not intelligence.
    I am a free man..
    I do not have TV at home
    I have no religion
    I do not believe in formal education
    and above all I produce most of my food…with out buying them.

  35. Henk-2,

    “”No, you are not part of the plan. You are to die as the Africans. And a few of you will be used to destroy the Aryan race.””

    Can you please back up this info. Do you have any idea how this is to be conducted

  36. and this is a good video to show to people who follow official religions:

  37. @Bobokap

    Thanks for your interest. I can’t answer this question, the Internet is a large place and I can’t remember where I find all the information I have. But if you look at what is happening with migration in Europe you will see that Europe does not have a culture of their own any more. Destroyed by immigration even when I still lived there before 1956. There is something I’d like to say and I am speaking for myself only, nobody else. I am modestly proud of my race as I think most people would be. Having said that, I don’t think the world would stop if the all white races were wiped out. But to do it on purpose is declaring war, one I am fighting against the Illuminati including the Vatican. Having endured 5 years of war I know that it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Many great civilizations have disappeared and yes, for most I wish they would still exist. But if there were a cosmic event that wiped out all life on Earth, so what. Let’s not get carried away with Homo Erectus. Forty years ago I picked up a pamphlet at a meeting. It had a ‘ poem ‘ in it written by Anonymous from new Zealand.

    When Adam was a single man
    The world was free of sin
    No playing cards no rolling dice
    No women wine or gin
    The nights were long and the days were dull
    No social life at all
    And Adam in his loneliness
    Was ready for the fall
    When Mother Eve came on the scene
    Looking like September Morn
    He took one look and said
    Here’s something I can’t scorn
    And straight away he dated her
    To meet beneath the Apple Tree
    What happened there or so the story goes
    Accounts for you and me
    But think what might have happened
    If Eve had been a man
    The story of the Garden
    Would never have begun
    No rabbi, Priest or Preacher
    No Christian Heaven or Hell
    A Peaceful Earth just spinning around
    It might have been as well

    I like your attitude Bobokap, it is identical to mine.



  38. >>I like your attitude Bobokap, it is identical to mine.

    Glad to find a mentor uncle Henk. I am now 43 years old and if you can pass on your knowledge I will able to add more and accomplish more in my lifetime. And then pass on my knowledge to the next for them to accomplish even more than we have.
    I am Against Illuminatti Vatican NWO etc. everything and everyone that has cause much suffering to humanity. We are suppose to enjoy while we live. IF NO ENJOY BETTER DIE.
    Most men has a superiority instinct. I don’t know exactly where it came from but Stewart Sherdlow has an explanation which is somewhat credible. Another explanation I come up myself is that the global controllers conditioned our mind to compete with our own. They come up with with an slogan “Healthy Competition” which is of course far inferior to “Cooperation”. “Divide and conquer thru competition” this is what they had done efficiently.
    yesterday I opened a mail from E-zine which is about the One world Government a deviation from the usuals farming topics. The number of aware people is growing it will be good for us to meet in one large venue. Remember the marching soldiers that brought down a bridge.

    a precise and simple advise but few people is capable of going deep down to get the meaning. This is how they had conquered humanity, by keeping most of us with in the their promoted popular beliefs and tradition. Poor Homo Erectus they listened to the corruptors instead of listening to their conscience

    You can contact me on my e mail.

    Your Brother in attitude and Beliefs,



  39. Speculations are not solid grounds to put our beliefs into, they are virtual quicksands , keeping us from the Truth. Religion and science are in a bizarre state-of-affairs – a reverse salient one. Each pushing and complementing each other to feed us dangerous fabrications. Aberrations of reality can only be overcome through subjective introspection – deep within us are the answers to Who we are, Why we are here, Where did we came from and Where we are heading.

  40. The eventual reality would be co-created by our collective beliefs and consciousness. Why not co-create it this way?

  41. Click on the video to see the whole portion.

  42. @ archie

    Here you go again spouting garbage. Religion is a money spinner for crooks, science is hard facts. The two are mutually exclusive. Full stop.
    Who we are, why we are here etc. are hidden inside us? I have been looking all my life but the information is deeply hidden. That deep that I have never found it. It is possible that my mind has drawn ‘ a blanket ‘ over it because I can’t cope with it. The same as it did after I was molested by a paedophile. I can’t remember anything before my 6th birthday. My conscious life began with my parents taking me to the barracks on 10th May 1940 to see the Dutch flag go down and the Nazi one go up.


  43. @archie

    Nice for you to share the video, but don’t you think it is speculation to just believe in them. When informations come to me I try to correlate them with other info and I put more emphasis on info that my senses have a more vivid access rather than those that is merely pass on to me. to put it simply I use common sense and analysis, logic, reduction etc.
    The sun could be an illusion as discuss in the video as much as all material things can also be an illusion that resulted from the interaction of waves that is created by the ultimate force.
    Yes science is twisted. But the creation of stars and all material things or the production of multitude of gamma raise by the sun before 2012? I think it is to much for me for now, so I am not going to venture to it. I know my limitations.

    I respect your beliefs and I thank you for sharing them. I will take a second look at the video and see if I can find something.


    just a suggestions:
    Let’s not debate and try to prove our superiority.
    Let us not compete but rather cooperate.


    As for me I will just find joy in everything. Joy in my job, joy in discussing things with you and others, joy in pain, if I could (some people actually did), joy in everything. In the end of each chapter there is just one question that matters. “ARE YOU HAPPY WITH IT OR NOT”?


  44. “We must become the change we want to see”-Mahatma Gandhi

    Most are unaware how our beliefs and consciousness determined the form of reality we experienced today. It has become a difficult task for a layman to comprehend, even an inkling, how beliefs influence the outcome of events and much more the subtle relationship between consciousness and matter.

    A change in the world requires a corresponding change in ourselves or consider it as a collateral. To vibrate the feelings of love, joy, compassion, peace and prosperity is all it takes to free ourselves from the bondage of evil. With all this positive vibrations suffusing our hearts and the world at large then the illuminati or the NWO and human suffering is history.

    Am I imposing a kind Religion? yes of course! Religion is a system of faith and beliefs for man to reach God or peace or freedom. Religions don’t fail, it’s the men behind them.

    “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With OUR thoughts, We make the world” – Buddha

    I urge you brothers to fill in the ranks of this peaceful religion.

    “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” – Antony Robbins

  45. @Everybody

    I think we are straying away from the original question i.e. what is in store for the Third World especially the Philippines. Our hostess thinks that it is all part of the USA pop culture. Nothing could be further from the truth. The revelations have become part of our lives thanks to the Internet. Here we can talk freely. We certainly did not get any truth in the Zionist controlled news media. There is overwhelming evidence that the world is being ruled by an evil entity aka the Illuminati whose plan it is to have the world to themselves. They want to to reduce the world population to about half a billion. These are to serve as serfs. And therefore they have declared war on the Human race with DNA targeted diseases. The Chinese Government refuses to hand over their research of the Human Genome Project to the USA as they know that they will be targeted. Does anyone think that the Chinese Government is paranoid? Another scheme is to suppress the price of gold because gold in the hands of us shows up the fraud of paper money. A thousand dollar bill costs as much to print as a one dollar bill: 2 cents. If the paper money had to be backed by gold they would not be able to print the trillions of dollars to finance their wars. Of course, if you think of everything as a conspiracy item you will never find the truth. When I was in high school in Holland after the war I was informed that for the cost of the war everybody IN THE WORLD could have had a three bedroom house and a car. This is where I asked myself ‘ why are we fighting then? ‘. At that time the Illuminati were not in the public eye as now. But they financed both sides of the war as they are doing now.
    I am an Australian citizen. That means that my loyalty is to Australia. But that statement is qualified by my conscience which comes first. Australia has a law that its citizens are not allowed to support the enemy. At this time the enemies are Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is my statement to the Australian Government. I, Adrianus Hendrik van Herp of 11 Vernon Ave., Gorokan 2263 declare that I support the Iraqi’s and the people of Afghanistan in their struggle for freedom. Australian soldiers allow themselves to be used as death squads. If so then I hope that they run into a hail of machine gun bullets on the way back. Australian diplomats have been present when an Australian citizen was tortured and transported to Egypt. You morons are not speaking for me in matters like this. You still have not learned the lesson from history: WHEN A PEOPLE CONSCIOUSLY FIGHT FOR THEIR FREEDOM THEY ARE UNBEATABLE AND WILL WIN. REMEMBER VIETNAM. The Australian politicians, in general, are stooges for the USA and the UK. You are beneath contempt. I am of sound mind and know that there is a law which says that the police can invade my property and that I can be held for an unlimited time and that nobody has to be notified. In other words, you can do as you like with me. I refuse to be afraid. Do your best.
    What is happening with the financial system is an operation to transfer the wealth of the USA people to the Illuminati. The banks were ordered to make bad loans; make loans to people they knew could not afford the payments for a house. Now there are tent cities, 17% unemployment and in spite of all the money being printed, credit is not available. All those houses now belong to the people who are prostitutes for the Illuminati i.e. the bankers. Don’t call them irresponsible or idiots, they know exactly what they are doing the same as Bernanke. That’s how they get their money and with it they buy everything in limited supply such as water and rural land. Entities, very profitable ones, belonging to the people, have been ‘ privatized ‘ for a song and a dance. The working man has been bled dry so now they are going after the upper middle class and the lower millionaires. That’s why the hunt for tax havens is on. The Illuminati have their own accounts but they will never be audited. Those people also will be gone in their private planes to their private properties before the inevitable riots start as there are now in Iceland, Ireland and a host of East European countries. So again the answer is that there is no benevolent plan for the Third World as there is none for the First World ordinary citizen. They would see us all doomed. That’s why I fight and not just for my own race. We stand together or fall together.

  46. @bobokap

    You say that we must respect the opinion of other people. I can’t speak for you but from what I have seen in your writings I don’t think you mean that. Because it means that if somebody says ‘ all Filipino’s must die ‘ I have to respect that.
    NEVER !!!

  47. @myself


  48. hello uncle Henk,

    I do not know how you interpret belief or opinion, but for me it is not “decision”. Yes, Belief or opinion shapes decisions. But Reacting to a belief I think is over reacting. Decisions can hurt but not belief.
    Even to decisions I think I owe to show some respect, in the sense that I shall not react to it with anger. Yes I shall react with force if necessary or even to the point of killing multitudes if that is the only way to defend myself, my family or the humanity as a whole. But I still maintain that I shall not do it with anger. I do not say that I will never get angry for that would be hypocrisy. What I am saying is that I shall not get angry if I can help it. Because, IN THE END OF EACH CHAPTER THERE IS JUST ONE QUESTION THAT MATTERS, ARE YOU HAPPY WITH IT OR NOT.
    You are a veteran of war and a veteran of truth you knew the difference between an angry mind and a relax and calculating mind.

    Give me death or give me liberty, but I shall go through it with pride and joy, if I can help it.

    Do you think a thing could happen with out the ultimates approval? The key is acceptance. Yes, I shall react, defend or kill if that is necessary as my conscience dictates. But I shall do it with out anger. Because being angry with the turn out of events is akin to saying that the ultimate is wrong.
    Other people will be content or not be content of the turn out of events and accept it with out doing anything, as Archie seems to prefer. It is his choice and we must respect it. But the truth is…we do not have a choice how to react, because our actions are actually influenced by our experience combined with the way we perceive things, because of the nature of ourselves from the time we came in to this world or shall I say? the way we were designed. In other words we do not have a freedom of choice to DO but we have a freedom of choice how to FEEL about doing it. and that is what matters.

    “Where shall I go? Left or Right? I go left. This is my choice. Yes this is my choice but my choice was influence by my past and present experience and by the way I perceive things. “We have a freedom to choose” is actually an illusion.

    You have wisdom and courage in your heart you can accomplish much more if you include acceptance as well.

    This is my opinion only and I am entitled to it.

    Thanks for some info. It helps.


  49. @everybody

    Anger breeds from frustration. We all knew what happens when boxer in the ring gets frustrated.

    So lets go out there and do what we have to do according to the dictates of our conscience, but go out there and play.

    Also let us not confuse courage from foolishness.

  50. @Archie,

    “At least you are seeking the truth” Henk.

    And for that I am going to devote a few minutes for you.

    My advice.
    Go for a walk leave your computer for a while. The process of learning involves not just gathering information, but also digesting and analyzing them by correlating them to you experiences.
    If you just stay in front of your computer it will confuse you and frustrate you to no end, which you appear to me right now. And you can also loose in touch with reality and worst lost your mind too.
    So get your butt up there and PLAY.



  51. @bobokap

    Hello Brother.

    Thank you for your insight. I agree with you. In general, anger is a deadly phenomenon. Much better to keep a cool head. The difference between a battle-hardened soldier and a newcomer is not that the first one is not as scared as the latter. Anybody who is not scared when shot at won’t live long. The difference is that the experienced soldier keeps his head and immediately starts looking for a safe spot whereas the newbie freezes up. I have told Archie a couple of times that the man with experience beats the man with a theory but he won’t believe it. Just the same, there is such a thing as righteous anger. Jesus was angry and threw out the moneychangers from the temple. The secret is that anger must be controlled, it must not control us. Yesterday I laid my freedom on the line with what I said to the Australian government. But I did not do it in anger, I said a couple of posts ago that I would do it. Why do I make myself a target? Do I enjoy just disappearing and never being heard from again? Does anybody think that I am not scared to the bottom of my guts? I am. But I did it in righteous anger, controlled, because people let themselves be used a slaves without even a murmur of discontent. However hard their life may be they think it is better than to be arrested. That works only for a little time before you are just an animal to our controllers. Most people do not realize that our ‘ betters ‘ are parasites on the Human Race. They need us. We would be better of if these scumbags had never existed. And in spite of what I did, I slept very well last night. What will be, will be.
    What is bad that people in the developed world think that life has always been thus. Yes
    Julian, you are right , we must play. For us the purpose of life is to be happy. But we must be guardians of our rights. People must study and look back what happened in history. The living standard such as it is now has only been here since WW2. After all that misery the parasites realized they had to loosen the chains a bit. But now they are being applied again in no uncertain fashion. It was not long ago we all were serfs but in name. Two hundred years ago an English miner worked 15 hours a day for a pound sterling. He was lucky to eat meat once a week. That’s our future unless we fight. Compare this with the life of an Australian Aborigine living on the coast. The men went hunting for no longer than 4 hours/day as to hunt longer we go into the process of diminishing returns. If they had a good catch they went home where the women had been digging for yams and other things. At night they had fun. Their children were educated. And yet people despise them , think that they are stupid because they did not invent the wheel. They forget that we only invent what we need or want. Anybody for a ride in a wagon drawn by kangaroos? We took their land and still do it. When they have a little bit left in a prime position the developers grease the politician’s hands. We took their religion and replaced it with alcohol and a promise of a new body after death. Physically they have been killed and spiritually they have been destroyed to the loss of all men. I am not writing about the idealized ‘ noble savage ‘. Just about a culture different from ours and therefore had to be destroyed.

    The latter part of your post you are saying that we don’t have free will, a thing I agree with 100%. It is impossible to have free will as we are being influenced already in our Mother’s womb. Our mentality depends on how she lived. And after birth we are indoctrinated. Nobody ever got a decent education at school, just enough knowledge to fit in a certain slot in society. And don’t show signs of intelligence. the only way we could have free will would be to auto-generate ourselves which Archie is trying to do. Like perpetual motion.

    We are not far removed in our outlooks on life Nephew:-)

    You are a good man to have next to anyone in a fight.

    Have a beautiful day.



  52. As we dragged along posting our minds out I can’t help but notice this: Hate; anger; selfishness; greed; prejudice and everything down the line of the evil spectrum, the same drives that sucked humanity like a black hole from the very beginning to the depths of WAR, ENSLAVEMENT and MISERY. This site has become a mini replica of the world we live.

    I’m not a guru or something(i hate to be) but I feel I have my share of responsibility of sharing my humble understanding. I’m not imposing but presenting an idea to bring up the free will that you people seem to have given up.

    First, I have to stipulate that free will exist and that it is limited to the choices of “to be or not to be”, in our case, to be free or not, and if we choose freedom; to pursue it harshly, peacefully or do nothing at all. My choice is the peaceful one.

    Secondly, I want to emphasize the word Karma – the universal law of retribution; the hidden hand behind fate; the great teacher. The present conditions had been co-created by us, our collective karmas have incurred us war, enslavement and misery and still we have not learned – it is evil begetting evil. We deserve to be fooled because we are fools; We deserve to be slaves because we are worth nothing. To prove we deserve otherwise is to radiate Love, Peace, Joy, and Kindness to the world and follow the trail of enlightenment. Man with this stature is worth a world of Peace, Prosperity and Harmony.

    bobocop, Henk-2, TR, ma’am “liwanag sa dilim”, I am not speculating but projecting a Grand dream of the Future. Dreams do come true as the dreams of the past have become today; dreams are powerful tools of transformation just like magic and it all rest in our choices so let us gather in our little corners of peace and collectively project the Grand Dream of the Future.

  53. @ Archie

    In this post you say that you are not imposing but in your previous one you were. Any chance of making up your mind.
    I am sure that you are into S & M; Bobokap took special time to give you good advise: go for a walk into the woods and smell a flower, have a talk with it and smile. But here you are, all gloom and doom. I hope you are not married.
    We are NOT gullible fools Archie. From the day we are born we are indoctrinated according to the plans of the NWO. A few of us have managed to retain our own personality and we fight.
    I like you archie; please, please take Bobokap’s advise before you commit suicide.

    Take it easy friend




    Listen to Bobokap and not to doomsday sayers


  54. @ MS. Liwanag

    Thank you very much for having given us a chance to exchange ideas. But I think the time has come to close it. The arguments are becoming circular.
    But I have made a friend who turns out to be a relative:-).
    I for one, would like to know if we have achieved anything. Has this made you think about the plans in store for ALL of us, not just the Philippines. Has it changed your views?
    I hope you will let us know so that I can finish here.




  55. @Archie

    If this site is a mini replica of the world could you please bring some dancing girls in. I am not a homophobe but I really do like the other half.


  56. Uncle Henk,

    In the Philippines we call older people we respect, “Tiyo” uncle in English. From the first time I came here and go about the discussion, you have earned my respect. I was not disappointed after all. My post are actually intended more to others than you, even though I am answering your post, in the sense that I knew that you understood already, but others don’t. Regarding the courage and foolishness issue I was just trying to warn others not to do what you did because it is not for them. In a system different parts have a differing functions. Your role could be different from the rest.
    I would say that your courage have inspired me and what is even more remarkable is the fact that you are fighting a battle not for yourself but for others. At your age you could just say “TO HELL…” but you didn’t. Men like you sometimes make me feel ashamed of myself. But luckily for me there are very Few Henk in this world. CHEERS

    Glad to meet you Uncle Henk.

    To Madam Liwanag,

    I would like to thank you for this site I hope you keep it for as long as you can I will be visiting the site to see if I can help others who will come here in the Future.
    Regarding your questions I think TR and Henk answered it already.
    I just want to add that “better or Worse” depends on your perceptions. In my experience , each time I took a step away from material things the more I feel more of a freeman. I would say I have the capacity to earn material things. I am an inventor and knew at least 8 skills and good at everyone of them. But I choose to move away from material riches. I deliberately learned to eat Rats, grasshoppers etc. that are normally not eaten by others. I would say others are missing half of their life. To the Illuminatti I would say “no sweat”. for as long as earth and I exist, I will eat till I die and enjoy till I ceased to exist.


    I am not Gandhi, I could be wiser. If someone or something is famous you ought to take a second look. After all the illuminati has the capacity to make anything or anyone famous.

    I would also like to tell others that I have proofs that sea water is the best plant fertilizer. I had actually produce more than the other farmers who used chemical fertilizer. Now they had started to fetch sea water too.
    This has been discovered and concluded by Dr. Murray after 40 years of research. He publish a book in 1976. Until now he is not yet famous and so his works. Most of our technologies today, the most useful of them, actually came through Nikola Tesla, But he came to light only after the Internet While Einstein has been very famous ever since even though his works (theories not inventions) are either wrong or useless to us.

    I Urge everyone to go into sustainable agriculture. Suggested readings.
    >>Dr. Peter Wies, Poison free agriculture
    >>Dr. Bill Mollison Permaculture
    >> Dr. Murrays Sea Water fertilizer.

    You can easily find them on the internet.

    Hope these Helps.

    P.S. Sustainable agriculture means. Don’t buy from big companies.

  57. Is the Philippines part of the illuminati plan for the New World Order? – Yes. This country is indispensable due to its strategic location, militarily, economically and esoterically. World War 2, the presence of multi-national companies(the vicious tentacles of the illuminati) and that some islands being a part of the lost continent of Limuria, Cebu most probably, proved this point. You may ask “why esoterically?”. Ever wondered why we have Naga city? In Cebu particularly, besides the Nagaland in India? The Naga wisdom and tradition of Luxor Egypt some 2000 years B.C. made its way to this key places by design. This tradition lived on to this day.

    bobocop, “experience” and “belief” are two different things, one could not posssibly be the other because we may undergo the same experience yet this “experience” generate in us different beliefs. The red color to you might invoke the feeling of war but to me love.

    Since you are an inventor as I am and you are into sustainable agriculture, which I am interested, can we work together on a project of domestic alternative Power generators to sustain us through 2012?

    E-mail me, my ad is

    Communication satellites, electrical power grids etc. virtually wiped out by that time to usher in the “Golden Age”.

    What do we expect? The “POOR HOMO ERECTUS” is ripe for the next evolution- the HOMO ESPIRITUS.

    My advise to everyone: don’t choose war, assume a peaceful stance. A belligerent power self-distructs without a worthy opponent, history taught us that, Rome for one.

  58. A quickening of human evolution will be spurred by this: Transformative Consciousness Assisted by Solar Activity Publish at Scribd or explore others: Other Research spiritual occult

  59. Henk-2

    “if you are proved right, you gain little; but if you are proved wrong, you gain much – you learn the Truth”

    – a Greek Master

  60. @Bobokap

    MY Nephew
    As I said before, you have wisdom beyond your years. You have nothing to be ashamed about. To do what you do at your age, when you can expect to live for many more years, takes incredible courage. And the wisdom to see that if mankind continues on its present path there is only a future consisting of misery. Even the Illuminati should be careful as to what they wish for. They may well miss the diversity of the different races, languages and cultures. They may be rich in material possessions but they cannot have a spiritual life as THE ULTIMATE intended.
    Bobokap, it is THE ULTIMATE who tells me what I have to do and what my reward will be. Your respect for your TIYO is a great reward. Another one is that I don’t fear death.
    Some people may think that we are backslapping each other. Nonsense. This will be my last post here as I feel I have said and done what I had to do.

    Cheers Everybody


  61. @Archie

    Sometimes I wonder if you are not a robot created by the Illuminati. You quote other people as I eat breakfast. Your opinion of the Philippines is way off track. Any Country is indispensable to him who needs it. But if this
    country is in such an important strategic location, why is it that the USA abandoned it during WW2? They even left their commander, General Douglas MacArthur to his fate. The, then, Australian Prime Minister, rescued him at great danger. The ship that carried him had to make a detour and crossed the ocean unprotected and had a couple of thousand of Australian soldiers on board. The General was put in charge of defence operations and the Battle of the Coral Sea was the first defeat inflicted on the Japanese navy.
    Economics: what was the GDP of this Country before the invasion of foreign Companies who are only there because they make use of the low wages paid to unfortunate people. No Archie, the Philippines are in the grip of the Vatican. As are Poland, Ireland and the Mediterranean Countries, Latin America.
    Esoterically: do you mean the surgeons who take out an appendix without cutting? Yes, YOU would believe that. I do not blame those people as they are trying to stay alive.
    The arrangements you make with Bobokap have nothing to do with you. But I have to pass on what I know. I have been in Electronics since I was a school kid. Thirty five years ago I shifted into this house and intended to make it independent of the electricity grid and if possible to put something back into it. I have studied all methods since then and have found it impossible. The costs are way to high. The generation of electricity for independent home usage is limited. Either a generator, petrol driven or wind. They can not produce enough, not in a city where producing noise will soon get you a visit by a council inspector. Solar panels are prohibitive. Silicone is abundant but the cost of making a 1 Kilo crystal is that high that people who want to set up a factory to compete soon give up when they realize the cost and knowledge required. And once it has been made it has to be treated for use, another horrendous cost. Google ‘jack lifton ‘ and you will find out. He has forgotten more about this than most scientists know. And generating electricity is useless until you can store it. Unless there is a big breakthrough in batteries there is no purpose. All batteries, from the one I have in my watch to the one used to start aeroplanes, work on the same principle i.e. that when two metals come together one of them will give up electrons.Of course it is possible that you may make that discovery. Eventually it will happen. And I wish you luck and hope you can do it soon as it is sorely needed.



  62. @filresist

    Bobokap read you very fast and nailed you to the wall. I can’t leave without making my view known.
    Knowledge is power and esoteric power is a dictatorship.
    You are of the nature that says ‘ daddy knows best, we’ll tell you when you are grown up ‘.
    To you and your kind Mankind never grows up as you enjoy your power over others.
    Summary: you are the same as the illuminati. Cop that.


  63. Is the Philippines a part of the illuminati plan for the New World Order? – Yes.

    >Being in the grip of the Vatican for hundreds of years, and still counting.

    >Waves of foreign colonizers – The Spaniards, Americans and the Japanese, took turns in plundering the country’s wealth not reflective of its GDP but of natural resources in contrary to Japan’s relatively higher GDP in spite of its islands being ” Geological freaks” with nothing to mine about but low-grade coal.

    >strategically: The Philippines has been the key to Asia. Lieutenant colonel Doolittle’s bombings of Japan in 1942 is only a diversion to Gen. MacArthur’s “I Shall Return” strategy – cutting off Japanese logistics of military supplies and plundered gold after crushing the Japs Navy in the greatest Naval engagement in history – “The Battle of Leyte Gulf”. Defunct Subic Naval base, the largest naval installation of the U.S in the in the Pacific and the largest in its overseas military installations, provided the needed logistics in the World Wars 1 an 2, the Korean and the Vietnam wars.

  64. bobcop,

    The answer to our query might be Nicola Tesla’s –

  65. Hello Archie,

    We can live with out energy but not with out food.
    Thanks for the invitation, I have been there and free energy does not inspire me at the moment we have more important things to tackle.
    With the present attitude of Earth Humans, COMPETING rather than COOPERATING with each other, we can be sure of the illuminati success. I just hope you are correct that there would be an enlightenment to the thinking manner of earth humans in 2012. I have mentioned before that Earth Humans has a superiority instinct and this has borne competitive instinct, greed instinct etc., includes me also but at least I am aware and can do something. This is the same weakness that the illuminati has exploited, “Divide and conquer”, remember? TV; Formal education, sports etc has promoted competition. even a kindergarten is already thought how to compete in school, by parents who was brainwash by the illuminati. Free Energy and all the fantastic technologies will be useless without correcting attitude and thinking manner of Earth Humans. We have witness time and again how our own destroyed our own. These technologies will be another and more effective tool to destroy many of us.
    Let us not look into complexicities the solution is simple and basic.
    This is my most important message to everyone.
    Funny thing I have search for so many years through complexity, starting 1st year college only to find myself back here. I have used the best of my analytical mind and time and again I come back to this conclusions.
    The downfall of Earth humans is due to our “SUPERIORITY INSTINCT” And the solution is to CARE FOR; SHARE WITH AND LOVE EACH OTHER.

    Of all the inventors and scientist that has ever live I think Tesla is the best. To bad he dwell on free energy as the solution to the problems of Earth Humans not on attitude. I would say he is the most intelligent but not as wise.

  66. As a mystic I feel oneness with those who have sown the seeds of the idea of transformative consciousness, people as committed as I am in projecting the next evolution for mankind and of the world. There’s so much I need to explain to everyone but this woman, Angelika Whitecliff, explains this idea more efficiently:

  67. Watch her video at:

  68. Freedom is an illusion
    we are part of the NWO
    we are part of their depopulation program

    endgame by alex jones (youtube)
    illuminati bloodlines of power (youtube)

  70. None is spared. Since the world economy is dictated by this secret organization, a mere word from them could change the economic atmosphere of a country. Take for example the 1997 asian crisis which was triggered alone by Soros. Since part of their strategy is drowning a country using debts.

    Check Protocol of the Elders of Zion and you will know where we are heading.

  71. archie* maybe idiot beople would believe you, don’t put your self in high level of bing idiot, see me or email me and will tell you everything. archie when you debunked this things you must also prove your stand. we are doing our reasearch too.

  72. i think i may understand your saying about the new world order has a connection of the philipine and maybe we step forward we are not slave in the past century for me maybe we just need to prove ourself we are trustworthy to the new world order and dedicated our philipine flag to the NWO. so then that i know the secrecy of the illuminati and they will help our country to grow for then we can think our own to be part of them.

  73. Hey guys, I enjoyed your discussions. But I like to hear more about the Philippine connection with the Illuminati Grand Scheme.
    I already know some of the things you’re talking about and I learned some more and I am able to interconnect the other things I knew.
    By the way, I am a Filipino, 62 years old, participant of the First Quarter Storm, and was a member of the Kabataan Makabayan during my college years.
    Please don’t stop I might join your circle in the future.

  74. Hello Mam Liwanag,

    I had promise you that I will visit this site every now and then so here I am again.
    We have new visitors. But it seems that most who came here is as confused. Well anyway your question is also confusing. You asked if the Philippines is part of the Illuminati plan. May I ask, what is the plan anyway? And what is the new world order?

    To everyone,

    I prefer to stay indoors as it is kind of cold and rainy here. And since Fil tasyo is begging to continue so I took the liberty to write.

    Licio, I think our host needs more than just copy and paste

    >>when you debunked this things you must also prove your stand. we are doing our reasearch too. Edgar

    Is it the I……. plan to reduce world population? To bring the west economy equal to the east? Etc etc. No Mam/Sir these are just means to achieve the main plan. The plan of the I…….. is the same as your and my plan and same as everyone’s plan. They plan to enjoy their life on earth just as we do. In fact every plan, action and dream of any living being is part of an ultimate dream by everyone which is HAPPINESS. The only difference is that they want to do it at the expense of others. They want to bring poverty to everyone alive so that they can make serfs out of them. They want to enjoy their life with the rest as their servants. What other motive there could be than this.

    >>Oops, I mean they will thank the masters for a piece of bread…….. Henk

    Yes of course this is what they want to do. Enjoy their life and let others do the labors.

    >>Have sex with our granddaughters for a piece of bread and our own will ever be thankful to them.

    Most parents thinks it is extremely necessary to give their children the best formal education and it is cool to give them supposedly healthy and extremely delicious processed foods (Promoted by TV) and also beautiful dress nice hair etc. etc. also promoted by TV. ( excellent gadgets of the I………… to control people)

    First they convince humanity that it is good to be superior than the rest. In fact COMPETITION has become the most popular pastime and sports anywhere in this world. “Oh, I am so proud of Manny Pacman I love him so much he gave our race honor by proving that Filipinos are superior than the rest”. “My children got the gold medals in school we are superior indeed”. And because we are so busy COMPETTING with each other, we did not notice the I………. crap.

    MONEY? Do we need it? It is a nice gadget because it is suppose to REPRESENT a mans labor that can be stored. Because of it I shall be able to work daily for a month and then store my labors in money (just like storing electricity in a battery) and then I rest and enjoy the succeeding month while spending my earned labor (stored in money). But now it has become an indispensable tool of those who want to exploit others. More and more people are increasingly doing longer labors; joyful rest time has become shorter and shorter. More and more people have become obsessed with money. Yes we need money because it can buy us food. And because most people are ignorant how monetary system is conducted we became readily exploitable.

    >>The secrets of the Federal Reserve…

    Also google unfair Monetary system

    >>It is common knowledge that in everything an hierarchy exist-a virtual pyramid. Those at the top rules and dictates in subtle manipulations a subservient lower class which is very natural. Archie………….agree

    The Illuminati controls American politics; US politics in turn control our local politics and almost all corrupt politics everywhere in the world. And then the politicians control the people.
    I remember an story related by my father. When Filipinos cry for Philippine independence during US rule, the most corrupt niggers in the US army was sent to the Philippines and they trained our “Gorilla” warriors the art of doing corruption. He related how they would go out of the barracks with new set of tires and then come back with old ones. What happened? The Niggers sold the new ones to “Johnny of the Cross”. And this happened every time they go out of the barracks. And Johnny learns quickly and was so fraud of the skill. When the US handed us our independence (kuno) it has become easier to control us by bribing our corrupted politicians. Now it has become a lot easier. Bargain na kasi mukha sa pinas. My father also talked of how sincere our politicians back then. Corruption has come to view only after the new generation earned their masters degree in corruption via scholarship grant, you knew from whom. I think everyone here will agree with me that part of this group’s strategy is bribing nation’s politicians to get what they want.

    The Pope controls the Cardinals and the cardinals do so with the bishops the bishops to the priest and the people say “YES FATHER” Amen…
    The priest is dying to become a bishop and the bishop is dying to become a cardinal seemingly everyone is obsessed with a higher position in every hierarchy, with the I…………on top of the hierarchy of the hierarchies. It is our fault indeed we let ourselves be used; we let that superiority instinct kick off.

    >>To vibrate the feelings of love, joy, compassion, peace and prosperity is all it takes to free ourselves from the bondage of evil…..Archie………….agree

    Archie, I hope you also understand your borrowed words. Your occult/ religion has nothing to do with your love. I love people and I do not have a religion. Occult, magical supernatural it is when you do not understand.

    >>The truth is never that far.
    Don’t go on a macro cosmic scale, you’ll never find it.

    A word of caution to those who are seeking the truth. Don’t stray too far. I have been there, Cosmology; metaphysics, UFO; Transmutation etc. etc. And what did I find. Let me rephrase the question. What did I lose? I lose precious time that is supposed to be spent enjoying my moments on earth. Look around your house on your neighbor’s yard, there is a very good chance that you will find what you are looking for.


    Religion is business and is use to control people. Look at Bro. Mike Bro. Eddie; the Dope and so on and so forth and your pastor too. They amassed billions of money, live in comfort at the expense of others. Is this the way they/we are supposed to vibrate love.

    @ everyone
    I suggest that you do some farming even at your backyard. Do your labors. And don’t buy poisoned baits (fertilizers). Economic downturn affect only money related matters. But if a nation has a surplus of food supply, economic crises will have no place and people won’t be prone to abuse.
    The most popular dream nowadays is the big city.
    The problem really is because most of us want to enjoy life at the expense of others.
    “I want the comfort, let others do the labors. I will Get the money and pay for my food and my needs while enjoying life”. We are no different than the Illuminati after all.
    If we want to help make this a better world, then we must do our dishes, wash our clothes produce our own food, in other words be sensible and responsible.
    Do not expect others to do something for you because of your money and if ever you let others do labors for you, then give back a commensurate amount in terms of labor not of money.

    >>if mankind continues on its present path there is only a future consisting of misery. H And those that live with the money will be hit the hardest. If I may add?

    Look and Listen and above all use your common sense. To bad, this has now become so UNcommon. I think formal education, religion, fashion, sports, politics; TV etc, all tools by the I………., had succeeded in keeping most common sense in the box

    I came from a family of politicians; lawyers and legal judges and professionals. I grew up with maids and I thank my parents for giving me the joy and comfort. But something is wrong if you do it at the expense of others. Now my parents brothers sisters aunts and uncles despise me because I let my children do the dishes, I am teaching them how to be responsible and sensible; I have no religion and I put too little value to formal education and I prefer to till the land in spite of the education they gave me. While others have their eyes on the big city, I had mine on nature.

    I ate rats, grass, snakes; I can assure you, I don’t feel any aching inside by doing so. In fact it tastes better each time. I am a freeman. And how do I know that? Let us go to basics. What does the I………. wants? Same as you; me and everyone, to be HAPPY. And you can not achieve that unless you become worry free. So, Is the Philippines part of the I…………… plan?????? I don’t give a damn.

    “The essence of the Genius is knowing what to ignore” Einstein

    I have been there, in better and in worse; in richer and in poorer and I knew the difference………. I prefer to do my dishes.

    >>Asking whether these “localized” issues have any link to the Illuminati or the New World Order is an interesting intellectual exercise as well.

    Yes of course, because everyone and everything is part of the whole system and everyone and everything affects everyone and everything in varying degree. The further you are from the center of I………. the least you are affected by the I…………… Third world does not have as much as the west counterparts and of course will not lose as much, and also not worry that much. But as you can observe third world also does not have that fantastic toys and pastime. It’s more or less fair. As I have said. It is all in the attitude. Do you curse at the spilled kare kare or you just shrug and start all over. Do you enjoy your cooking and always aims at coming up with a masterpiece or you are such in a hurry and curse at every imperfection the whole day because you are so busy with everything.

    Truth dwells in simplicity while deceit hides in complexity.

    >>so part of my curiosity is: can it get worse?

    Let us put earth on a 1 hectare farm lot. Now put 10 chickens and consider it as humans. Add one chicken each day everyday. Do you think it will get better to the chickens already in there? Some chicken might actually enjoy the crowded companionship despite the scarcity of food. If you are talking of food supply or privacy, or similar matters, the answer is yes. But is this really what matters to us. Is this our ultimate dream?

    Nowhere you can find heaven or hell, but in your heart.

    >>contrary to Japan’s relatively higher GDP in spite of its islands being ” Geological freaks” with nothing to mine about but low-grade coal.

    I will not pretend to know exactly what is it that make the higher GDP of Japan. But I will tell you exactly what I have seen as I have been in Japan many times as part of my job as merchant ship crew many years ago.

    In Japan, the ship go ashore and leave ashore on schedule, in America and Europe its a few hours late, in the Philippines it’s a day or two late. In Japan you can buy in stores with no salesperson. The owner is probably somewhere doing another job and he does not need to pay someone to tend the store. When you arrive at the door at the same time, they stop and bend a little as a sign of yielding. When waiting to board a vehicle they always line up. They always wear their hard hats at work.
    Some time ago I read somewhere that a moral revolution happened in Japan a few years after the war.
    I am kin on believing that the Higher GDP is a result of the excellent Japanese culture and attitude

    Paradise is a place where people love each other, care for and share with each other

    I took the time to share and explain the SIMPLEST and most important lessons I have learned in my lifetime. I hope this is of some help.

    Before I say Hasta la vista, let me ask just one question to everyone.

    If you are given a chance to be at the I……… shoes, are you also going to do what they are doing???????? Let us examine ourselves first before blaming the I………..

    Have a good day; May your Happiness stay with you always

    “A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty… The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. … We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.” (Albert Einstein, 1954)

    ‘All phenomena, link together in a mutually conditioning network’ (Buddha)

    “When a child is born its sense-organs are brought
    in contact with the outer world. The waves of sound, heat,
    and light beat upon its feeble body, its sensitive nerve-fibers quiver,
    the muscles contract and relax in obedience: a gasp, a breath, and in this
    act a marvelous little engine, of inconceivable delicacy and complexity of
    construction, unlike any on earth, is hitched to the wheel-work of the Universe”.
    Nikola Tesla

    “Love Your neighbor as yourself,” Jesus Christ

  75. Like the rest said, you better WAKE UP FAST!


    Philippines is a part of the WORLD.
    Poor or Rich is a part of the WORD.
    Third WORLD country
    New becomes old
    Old becomes New

    Order the Taong bayan to gather as one.
    Acting as a part of the WORLD makes no sense
    but to contribute for the better is an order.

    Summarize and Analyze

    Wake up fast. Dont’ run after the time, let time run after you.

  76. -God i am still 18 and i am exposed to this……i cant help my self being open eyes to what is happening to the world…my uncle already oriented me with this…someone is in control of the world….and i came to look for proofs and here shows the movie “the da vinci code”. i am God fearing dude and i respect the almighty…i was a church servant(sakristan) and i witnessed were the money goes..i cant help my self it true that religion is a bussines and on this page came to conclude its true…
    i love my country so much and i am willing to give my share to protect it..

    -mulat na kaya ako….

  77. manong bobokap and henk

    thanks for giving time to share your knowledge

  78. Now you Know, ever since we are part of the ILLUMINATI program from the 1st world war to the 2nd world war up to now look at our Philippine history from our heroes to the presidents and leders of this country most of them are members of MASON, look at the symbols and logos in our goverment deparments even in our Philippine Flag, Now what will you do?
    Want to Know MORE?
    COME to my FACEBOOK……

  79. emosaint,

    Your welcome. It is good to know the truth so that you can position yourself well. But take life easy. Enjoy it. That’s the real meaning of being alive. Ito rin ang palagi kung pinapayo sa mga anak ko. And share your knowledge to others too.

  80. illuminati and nwo doesn’t exist.. The term illuminati was a crap invented by media.This kind of trend is no different to our traditional politicians.wala silang ginawa kundi mind conditioning and giving false hopes to the stupid voters..My best advice to our kababayan is don’t waste their time in surfing illuminati crap, the best they can do is to work hard to meet ends meet.

  81. Illuminati exists, and so is the conspiracy for a New World Order – one government, one currency, one religion … The Philippines is in its grips already because most of our political and military leaders are masons. Even some of our wealthiest businessmen are masons. The majority of Filipinos are guinea pigs of these anointed sons of the devil who kept the masses deprived of education and opportunities to be able to enslave them. Their rule is simple for people who are hungry for even the most basic of needs: He who has the gold makes the rule.

    The Illuminati is a clique of Masons whose ranks are from the 30th to the 33rd degree and who owns most the world’s wealth. They are bankers, financiers, oil magnates, media moguls, and even some religious personalities in the Vatican. Even the respectable United Nations and its agencies, the IMF, etc. are under their control. Political leaders all over the world are also within their influence. This is not something out of a fiction book nor from an active imagination. This is reality and it is no where near a crap to be ignored. And its representatives are here manipulating people to do their bidding, but their most important victory is offering the souls of those people whom they have corrupted to Satan.

  82. The media is very much influential here in the Philippines which is very much obvious that when press people consider themselves untouchables a conspiracy was set to warn this press people that the real influence was not there’s but from silent organization that runs the media and secretly financing the operation of their company “ one example of these is the individual killing of media reporters and the most recent were the mass murders of the press people of which are being blamed to the ampatuan clans of Mindanao” Perhaps it is a mind conditioning for the press people for the recent election that the president to be elected which is supported by these conspirators shall become free from any press harassment.

  83. …..I came about to know an intelligent software that’s wired into the internet with the objective of assessing the planet’s collective consciousness….the people “above” would want to measure us…faster this time.

    …..I’m not after how we differ in our views but by how we agreed, after all “diversity is what makes us human”.

    …..What now that they knew how we tick?

  84. >bobocop

    it’s been a year, more or less. thanks for your latest posts!


    …welcome to the party pal!!!


    .. got surprises?

  85. >fil tasyo

    …here is a hint on how we fit into the illuminati grand scheme:

    I guess you knew how the elites created money out of thin air and how the banks invented the the greatest scam in history. Debt is a weapon used to enslave us with interest its prime ammo.

    With the advent of the World bank and the IMF, a new kind of soldier was introduced—the economic hitmen.

    –they identify countries with resources that their mighty corporations would want to covet, arrange a huge loan to that country with the world bank or IMF.
    ……(to be continued)

  86. ….the money goes not to that country but to fellow contractors who build infrastructures( remember Westinghouse building us nuclear power plants? this same strategy was used on us as they did to the rest of the world). This ingeniously created loans were designed to choke us to perpetual debt leaving us in a position to gave in to their demands. Now this mighty corporations overrides the power of governments. “Corporatocracy” is the real government. The people behind this institutions are the modern emperors and they wreck havoc by controlling the Media sometimes by direct ownership, they also control our politicians through donations during their campaigns.

    What happens when the leader of the country defies the will of this clandestine empires?

    >Iran 1953: a CIA agent was sent to overthrow Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh and installed the Shah of Iran

    >Guatemala 1954: The CIA took Jacobo Guzman out

    >Ecuador 1981: Economic hitmen were sent to corrupt Pres. Jaime Roldos but was defiant–he was assassinated

    >Panama 1981: Pres Omar Tarrejas was assassinated

    >Venezuela 2002: The CIA inspired coup took out Hugo Rafael Chavez


    ..ever wondered why Pres. Barack Obama increased the deployment of american troops to Afganistan instead of withdrawing them?…the truth is that he american military people have become covert mercenaries whose allegiance is to the corporatocracy–giant oil companies out to suck middle east’s oil to the last drop..corporations who funneled money to Obama’s campaign for presidency.

    Be enlightened, pls. read:

  87. thanks everyone! i’m in my early 20’s but i feel like i should’ve known this stuff long time ago. thank you esp to Henk and bobokap. I’ve learned more than Illuminati and NWO.

    I’ve no religion too. and I’m about to stop expecting people to do things for me because of my money.

  88. I’m happy to see there are pinoys aware of this, and I’m not alone!
    I used to think i was. Heck my own family thinks i’m crazy.

    I just want to say that yes, the illuminati are in our country. That’s how we are still so pillaged and poor, and we’re practically property of the IMF. But forget the money they don’t care about that. It’s control they want. Control over good people. Enslavement, to prepare this world for satan’s reign. It’s a war between good and evil. It’s always been.

    Please choose the good side and spread the awareness and let’s fight this NWO!!

    it’s a good source of info.

  89. manny villar is an illuminati!!!

  90. Wow! I thought that this illuminati phenomenon is limited to the Americans and Europeans. Thanks to the internet, we pinoys have finally come into grasp of this so called “Illuminati”

    The question raised by the blogger whether we are part of this Illuminati conspiracy or the New World Order is nothing new. From Ancient Rome to Hitler’s Nazi, humanity have witnessed the rise and fall of these so called “New World Order”

    The real questions that we must ask ourselves are (1) why does this phenomenon doesn’t seem to die and (2) what can we do about it.

    As for the first question, we must first realize that we are human beings, created to perform wondrous deeds but also, because of our flawed nature, are also capable of committing terrible deeds as well. The Illuminati or NWO phenomenon gives us that reality, that because of greed and passion towards power, we do all sorts of evil deeds just to gain power and dominion over others. The Illuminati or NWO is not only a movement of the very few, but it is a culture that has always been with us since the birth of humanity. It is a culture of greed and pride. Illuminati will come and go, just as any other movements that come before them but one thing is certain, humanity will survive, just as it survived from many of the tribulations before….


  91. …part 2:

    I remember the movie “The Scarlet and the Black”, a WWII movie based on a true story centered on Nazi and the Vatican. Msgr. Hugh O’Flaherty was helping the Jews and other minorities from being captured and killed by the Gestapo.

    In one of the final moments of the movie when the Commandant of the Nazi SS named Kappler went to O’Flaherty for help because the tide has turned and his family was in danger, Msgr. Hugh O’Flaherty made a powerful message to us because it was filmed inside the ancient Roman Colosseum where many first Christians were martyred during ancient Rome. In the film he said to Kappler (not in verbatim) to look around him, that all empires come and go, dictators come and go, but the Church remains.

    Why am I telling you all this? Because the movie is telling us one thing; that as long as we live here on earth, there will be people and movements that will try to subjugate us and turn us into slaves, but if our hearts and souls are in the right place, these movements will eventually die away and we will never be part of their evil deeds. It also gives us a grim reminder that we must learn to stood our ground and not to be afraid…..


  92. …part 3:

    as for the second question, remember Christ’s words “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn and give him the other.”

    at first, I thought that Jesus was just saying to love your enemies but the message was deeper than that. Jesus simply says that if we are faced by an imminent danger, one should neither fight back nor go away and avoid it; but rather one should stand one’s ground and turn the other cheek. If we are faced with aggression, we must learn to be brave enough to say no.

    Remember, empires come and go, names change along the way. Humanity had witnessed the likes of Nero, Napoleon, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, Hitler and all of them promised a new world order and yet all of them died and the new world order died with them as well. And here we are, alive and witnessing another wave of evil, hoping that this time, they can subjugate us into eternal enslavement.

    But we can survive it, not through strength of arms or a clenched fist, but by being true to ourselves and by being focused on the truth. Humanity sirvived because there are people who stood their ground. Ghandi, JFK, King, and many other nameless people who just stand there in front of danger and said “no!”

    Truth shall set you free, Jesus said, but it also means that we must learn to carry its cross in order to attain it. Freedom don’t come cheap and we can only attain it if we must learn to sacrifice.

    So don’t be afraid because we will always have this problem as we live here on earth. Just don’t be swayed by evil and hold your ground.

  93. @gin

    too much has been said in this ‘interesting intellectual exercise’, but you putting Jesus Christ into the picture i think put illuminati into back insignifance…at least for those who believe. If God is with us, who can be against us?

  94. @Henk-2

    It is with your blogs thats why i missed smelling the flowers outside today…excellent views, can i say illuminating? wish i could read more of you..for now maybe it would be sufficient to ask whats the next best move after we LISTEN TO OUR(YOUR) CONSCIENCE NOT TO CORRUPT POLITICIANS?

  95. …I also recommend Erick von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods” and this video:

  96. @Bobokap

    Thank you for this advice;

    Go for a walk leave your computer for a while. The process of learning involves not just gathering information, but also digesting and analyzing them by correlating them to you experiences. If you just stay in front of your computer it will confuse you and frustrate you to no end . And you can also loose in touch with reality and worst lost your mind too.

    I for one, newcomer in this blog now believes, too much ‘curiosity will ultimately kill the cat’ despite its 9 lives.

  97. @ Archie

    Im sorry pal, you confused me. Dont know exactly where you stand. Besides, you refered us to so many links..from people whose ideas we dont know exactly (their) direction is. Make it short & concise….well be happy to know the real you…and what you stand for. Who cares for all these links… there’s an ocean of them…a tidal wave of confusion.

  98. “Give me a place to stand and I will lift the whole world”— Archimedes

    “Give us a place to stand and we shall lift the whole WORLD – Economically; Politically; and Spiritually!!!—-our creed( should be)

    >here we stood on shaky grounds; dislocated & divided – no leverage at all; powerless..worthless slaves. The powers above would party again tonight – we are not a threat but a carnival of amusements – they’d be entertained…..

    >here is a chance for us to Unite – let’s not put this to waste

  99. brainchild254, you’re confused because parts of my comments didn’t made it to this site. It’s been “waiting for moderation”…seems I’m not treated fairly here…what is this?…I have only suspicions…

  100. Hello,

    I am glad that there are newcomers that are aware of the “I” and company phenomenon and because most showed concern and wisdom. But what makes me even happier is the existence of the wiser younger generation the likes of eligarf and then there is also Gin who showed deep understanding and brainchild, who even though asked the wrong question (in my opinion only), showed wisdom in seeking for the solution. I have been waiting for someone to present or ask for a solution, because all of the efforts to expose the problem will be useless if we are not to come up with the cure.

    Brainchlid, when you listen to your conscience and not to the corrupted politicians your conscience will tell you “what’s the next best move”. The question should be ‘how do we listen to our conscience and/or how do the politicians, with “I” and company at the back, convince us to listen to them and not to our conscience? This will need more discussion will get back soon as I have the liberty.

    Gin, religion takes advantage of you too. Did you ever ask yourself how did the Bible come about? Almost all if not all religious fanatics will tell us that according to the Bible the Bible is so and so…Will you base your judgment solely in the testimony of the accused himself? Especially when you give your whole faith to it? Do you have any other supporting info as to the origin of the bible aside from the bible itself? People are discussing and interpreting what are written on the Bible while in the first place they are not sure where the bible really comes from. Simple logic, no need to go on a macro cosmic scale. Search the net re: bible. Evil bible etc. and do not forget to use the 6th sense. And above all be courageous. The main reason many people are fooled into religion is not lack of common sense but rather lack of courage. No one wants to be thrown to Hell and be burned forever and ever without becoming ash or even charcoal. That’s a LOOOOOOOOOOT of pain. Because of this terrifying “INVENTED” scenario people elected the risk of being fooled rather than ran the risk of being thrown to hell. And besides religion is handed down from people we have much respect, our parents.
    >> that all empires come and go, dictators come and go, but the Church remains…….It merely change names, faces and places but never go, BECAUSE IT GOES WITH HUMAN NATURE as you have said it’s the culture.
    >>“If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn and give him the other.”……….. This is exactly what the “I” and company wants you to do and if you throw bread in retaliation of the stone, all they have to do is thrown stones at you and they are gonna get lots of breads and you will have lots of stones and they will be eating and partying and laughing at you……

    >> we are not a threat but a carnival of amusements – they’d be entertained…..

    Guess they invented the Bible, Don’t you think so? Don’t get me wrong I believe in the Christ too. But news of an event a while ago can be twisted how much more history that has gone thru centuries. Mind you, conspiracy is older than Homo erectus; stage act is an art perfected long before Christ.
    >>we must learn to sacrifice……..this is another thing they want you to do so that they could party courtesy of your SACRIFICE. Please, do not tell others to do this. We are meant to enjoy life.
    You are not far from what you seek; cast away your fear and you will be there in no time.
    Bobc, Satan, God, heaven and hell are inventions/reinventions of those who want to take advantage of everyone (Satan himself). The Devil walks and rules the earth wearing nice suite, riding nice car and occupies a reputable and honorable position in the society…….. Ordinary people are dying to shake his hand.
    Yes it is control they are after and money is but a tool to accomplish the agenda. So when you deal with money part of your labor (BIG) goes to your politicians and all the way to the “I”and company… all of them does not till the land but eat like a glutton and can afford to throw lots of surplus while the poor farmers and fishermen’s who MAKES the food could hardly sustain 3 meals a day. Explaining this ORDINARY AND OVERLOOKED phenomenon alone could give you a “tidal wave of confusion”. But if you do try to explain this phenomenon it will surely lead you to the GENUINE TRUTH. Again, no need to go on a grander scale. The genuine truth is just around your house, at your neighbor’s yard perhaps.
    So while you wait for the coming of SATAN he is taking advantage of you, everyday of your life UNNOTICE because you where thinking he is STILL in HELL. See how they make a fool out of the masses?

    >> we are not a threat but a carnival of amusements – they’d be entertained…..

    >> and let’s fight this NWO!!. Do you have a suggestion how this is to be done?

    Eligarf, Your post showed wisdom in you. You are young and could accomplish more
    than any of us here. Keep up the good work and spread the GENUINE TRUTH.

    Archie, you also have to sit on the students chair and not just on the teachers table. A BIG subject is like a massive mountain, we can only view a portion at a time. The closer you go the clearer but smaller portion you see. Your lifetime is barely enough to view all the portions clearly. You can consider this site as a view sharing venue. That way you will have a clear picture of many portions from your vantage alone. And besides more and more people are convince that you give more confusion rather than enlightenment.

    A simple question for everyone (just for fun),

    Why the Philippine government does allow the sales of cigarette provided it is labeled “dangerous to your health” but ban the sales of “Natural sea salt”, no known adverse effect to the body?
    Enlightenment may be achieve by seeking answer to a question as simple as this.

  101. can i ask questions???

    do you think that this holiest event of our life is the perfect time for their return???

    are they involved in man-made weather???

    do you think they have illuminati members in hollywood or even in US government???

    is Ophrah Winfrey an Illumitai member and recruited Charice Pempengco that’s why Charice converted from INC to Roman Catholic?

    and Charice Pempengco composed the song Pyramid???

    is 12-21-12 the end of the world???

    or it is the new world order they are saying???

    can someone please explain to me this pledge:

    “An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception.
    Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.
    We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us.
    We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive.”

    do you think someday they will put poison on foods all around the world for them to make more medicine and make more money???

    do you think they started doing evil things since 2009???

    do you think God will be our enemy when that day comes???

    and I don’t know if I will believe or not…

    I’ve been studying the truth about this last 3 months…

    and I will continue to seek for the truth…

  102. im just asking for those questions and i want some answers or maybe the true answers…

  103. Please read these books:
    War of gods and Men by Zecharia Sitchin
    Lost Realms Of Enki by Zecharia Zitchin
    Cosmic Code by Zecharia Sitchin
    Genesis Revisited by Zecharia Sitchin

  104. Manny Villar is not an Illuminati, because he’s not an Illuminati descent, maybe an “agent” of the Illuminati i think it’s possible..

  105. their bloodlines are preserved they interbreed with the other european royalblood., and they owned 90% of the world’s debt.. and you can also see in their businesses logos, they include satanic or illuminati symbolisms like exxon, you will notice that if you turn the double x upright it will appear to be the pontifical cross of lucifer, cadbury logo has 666, walt disney also has 666 on its logo, mcdonalds, if you move the mcdonalds logo clock wise you will see the number 13., a masonic number, toyota- the all-seeing eye, and many more..

  106. morico- the “poison ur talking about is already happening., maybe way back then.
    have you seen the airplanes with long tails of smoke flying above your head?? it’s called chemtrails or contrails. it releases many kinds of toxic chemicals to poison us not in an instant but in long term of exposure, Vetsin or MSG?? its also very dangerous, processed foods like tocino, hotdog or canned foods are also dangerous, even the rice and crops that we eat today, because many of the farmers today buy GMC (Genetically Modified Crops) or GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds, because its easy to grow with less water and it can survive long exposures to the sun

  107. are they involved in man-made weather???

    morico– it’s a big “YES” weather technology was invented by Nikola Tesla (correct me if im wrong).
    the Russians and the Americans took the lost journals of Nikola Tesla so that they can improve the technology. and they hid it to the masses with the help of the media, the Kobe earthquake in the 90’s was a man made earthquake. the Japanese sect Aum Shinrikkyo aquired the technology from the Russians and they were testing the Weather Machine on a secret location in Australia.

    Murai possessed an IQ higher than Einstein’s and was considered to have been the most intelligent Japanese who ever lived. His role within Aum Shinrikyo was the development of extremely sophisticated weapons of mass destruction. These included an advanced laser-powered seismic device capable of generating massive earthquakes. Some weeks before his death, Murai was present at a press conference in Tokyo’s Foreign Press Club, where Aum’s guru, Shoko Asahara, claimed that the massive earthquake that devastated the City of Kobe was an act of war. As incredible as these assertions appear, they are not without some substance.

    The last utterance of Hideo Murai, following multiple stab wounds was “Yudaya.” Translated as “Judea,” this led to intense speculation. Aum press spokesman, Fumihoro Joyu later revealed that this was a codeword. According to investigative reporter Yoichi Shimatsu Clark, its significance partly lies in the Jewish state’s Star of David emblem – the six-pointed star.

    This is also the symbol of Japan’s imperial household. Inside the grounds of the Imperial Palace is a guarded facility boasting thousands of six-pointed stars. It was here that representatives of Aum met with other shadowy but powerful individuals then in government to discuss methods of acquiring the most advanced weapons technology. The order to assassinate Murai also originated from this building, it is now believed.

    And the six pointed star or hexagram is an illuminati symbol., see the connections??

  108. do you think they have illuminati members in hollywood or even in US government???

    morico– not only in hollywood and u.s government, almost all the institutions and agencies like banks, military, politics, religion, big businesses, media etc., are controlled by the illuminati.

    i’ll name some of their controlled institutions, agencies and businesses.

    CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)
    NSA (National Security Agency)
    MOSSAD (Israeli Intelligence Agency)
    M.I.-5 (Local British Intelligence Agency)
    M.I.-6 Majestic Intelligence Section 6
    R.I.I.A. (Royal Institute of International Affairs)
    Vatican Bank
    Goldman Sachs
    J.P Morgan Chase
    Chase Bank
    Standard Chartered
    I.M.F. (International Monetary Fund)
    World Bank
    B.I.S. (Bank of International Settlements)
    European Central Bank
    Swiss Bank
    Yad Hanadiv
    Federal Reserve
    Exxon Mobil
    Royal Dutch Shell
    Yukos Oil
    Rio Tinto
    De Beers
    Rand Company
    Carlyle Group
    Procter and Gamble
    W.H.O. (World Health Organization)
    European Union
    African Union

    dami di ba?? madami pa hehe

  109. They control almost all the worlds central banks, they profit even if the stock markets are down

    ” Give me the control of nation’s money supply and I care not who makes it’s laws.

    -Mayer Amschel Rothschild

  110. to Nadja:

    not all the 30rd to 33rd degree masons are illuminati or illuminati agents, there are circles within circles, if you’re a 33rd degree mason but not in the inner circle, you’re not an illuminati, you are just a member of freemasonry, you should be in the inner circle of the masons. And for example you are an illuminati bloodline, you can reach the 34th degree to 46th degree of freemasonry (13th illuminati degree of freemasonry) i’m not sure if freemasons know this.

  111. New World Order is just steps away from happening.
    In New World Order there will be
    One World Law
    One World Currency
    One World Religion

    You will see these words at the back of the U.S. dollar ” Novus Ordo Seclorum” or New Order of the Ages.

    “Many people will hate the New World Order but will die protesting against it”.
    -H.G. Wells

  112. “Imagine there’s no heaven
    it”s easy if you try
    no hell below us
    above us only sky
    imagine all the people living for today

    Imagine there’s no countries
    it isn’t hard to do
    nothing to kill or die for
    no religion too
    imagine all the people living life in peace

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    but I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    and the world will live as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    no need for greed or hunger
    a brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people sharing all the world

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    but I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    and the world will live as one”

    —John Winston Lennon (Oct.9,1940 – Dec.8,1980)

  113. to Boy Sindona:

    if Manny Villar (Man Evil Liar) is an Illumanti member, maybe Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is one of them too. Right?

    where did you get all of those information???
    and when did you start studying about this thing???

    and my last question to you on this response, do you want to be one of them???

  114. to archie:

    yeah right that song also reminds me John Lennon’s “Bigger than Jesus statement” where he said “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I didn’t argue with that. I’m right and I will be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now. I don’t know which will go first, rock n roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me.”

  115. ….gunshot!!!…the poor dreamer died.

  116. do you think he’s an illuminati too?

  117. @morico

    not just anybody can join the illuminati…..a person must be born into it….bloodline is a requisite.

  118. Hi folks,

    Good for you to share this infos. As I have said exposing the problem is not enough. We must come up with solutions. Knowledge of this matter came to me years ago. I am now well on my way with cure. my Newest.,? produce mushroom from agricultural waste materials delicious, nutritious and smells good. Yes they are feeding us poison. It is difficult at the beginning because we have to make our own salt, toothpaste, liquor etc. at home. but we are getting along. Way ahead of the others.
    @ Archie
    Care to name the bloodline?

  119. to archie:

    you know some things but i think you do not know everything about it… I think you haven’t read yet the Freemason pledge.. Am I right?

  120. @ bobokap

    here it is:Dragon Society

  121. @morico

    The freemason pledge you read about is crap……the true “pledge” is only shared by a few people in the innermost circle…..they aren’t that dumb, as you supposed.

  122. You seem to be limited to the idea about the illuminati…..World Supremacy have several different players who are at present engaged in power struggle:

    a. The Russians
    b. The Chinese
    c. The Japanese
    d. Israel
    e. The illuminati
    f. The Rothschild faction
    g. The Rockefeller faction
    h. The US military “white hat” good-guys faction.
    i. (Possibly) one or more non-human groups.

    consider this line-up, and be on your long way to the truth.

  123. yeah archie you’re right. I do not know most about illuminati because I started researching about that i think 3 months ago… I want to ask something… if they were that large amount of member in the world, why should they hide?

    ( sorry for my bad english.^^)

  124. We are at war… a silent war…invisibility from an enemy is a great advantage….

  125. @boy sindona

    While it is true that they control the worlds central banks, what is most staggering is the fact that a hideous plan(as recommended by the IMF) is underway to create a “World Central bank” to administer a world currency known as “Bancor”….they’re sending in the ultimate shackles!!!

  126. Freedom is very dead!!!

    …..Long live the NWO!!!

  127. @bobocop

    “James” of the “Wingmakers” recommends this somewhat outlandish solution: (pls. read) “Physical Activism vs. Spiritual Solutions – How to Really beat the Power Elite” & “The Bigger Picture: Sovereign Integral – the Origins of the Human Race and the real Matrix”….all these at…can you share with us your solution(s)?

  128. Criminal charges will be filed this week in New Jersey in a $1 trillion robbery case that implicates top officials of the World Economic Forum (Davos) top United Nations officials including UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and members of the Italian P2 Masonic Lodge, according to top US law enforcement officials and lawyers for the owners of the over $1 trillion in stolen financial instruments.

    The individual directly responsible for stealing the funds, P2’s Daniele Dal Bosco was recorded asking Giancarlo Bruno “Head of the Financial Services Industry” at Davos to have myself and three other individuals murdered.

    In addition, Joe Bendana, the man who assisted in the case within the US on behalf of Neil Keenan and also provided affidavits to other governments and Interpol was also threatened directly by Dal Bosco 4 days before he was found murdered in his residence, Newark, New Jersey, last Saturday, September 4, 2010.

    Police are treating the death of Bendana as a homicide because of the threats and because there was a security breach at his residence the night he died.

    As soon as Bruno’s name was made public by this writer, we were contacted by a senior P2 Lodge member who offered “an international scoop,” involving impossible amounts of Philippine gold, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and an individual by the name of Marco Di Mauro

  129. Let the world takes its course… we all know too much but can’t do much. go back to our own homes and families and strengthen them. thats how to make the world become more beautiful.


  131. better check out some sites


  133. you really think you will be like God..u r not….

  134. Government is full of lies. Why is the Philippines suffering debt from America? Because it’s all planned by the NWO. Their agenda is to put economic crisis in every country and state so they can seize and take-over easily. Just always remember, their plan is to make a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Obviously, many people will disagree with it. So how will the New World Order handle those people? POVERTY. Then they will come in and flash us with their money, promising good life in exchange for freedom and belief. Yes, it’s happening! USA sending their soldiers and officials here in the Philippines. That’s the early steps to WORLD DOMINATION.

    Just remember, you already heard it. Facts are stated right in-front of your face. They hid themselves in plain-sight. If you’re now awaken and worried about your country, DO SOMETHING NOW. Spreading the information is at least the thing you can do to help. THE CONSPIRACY ISN’T A FANTASY NOW, IT’S REAL AND HAPPENING!

  135. I believed in you in risingforce, I’ve been to the top of Mt. Everest and see what is happening around us. Opening the inner vision of people, the discovery of money specially its true purpose has been the key why starving people are increasing.
    The money system should be changed, land should be distributed to citizens of the philippines. God has created the land for each of his creations.

  136. Take a closer look on what is happening in philippines, CIA (Illuminati controlled) is around the philippines and they want to control the president. What are they doing now, should we allow them to do these and start a revolution again. A president that is pro-people will not be allowed by the group. Desseminate these to everyone and be vigilant.

  137. This is a very nice thread. Very intellectual and informative!

  138. These new learnings I have had just a week ago is very awakening. I have watched the Zeitgesit Addendum and recently purchased two more entitled Invisble Empire and Alex Jones’ Endgame. I was raised by my ultraconservative Catholic dad, and we often argue each time I give out my comments with regards to my oppositions against how the church is being run, how their control over society greatly hinders every aspect of growth and advancement. I am saddened by the fact that a lot of people are blinded and opts to be one eventhough there is an interestingly big access to new and factual information.

    I will be visiting this thread every now and then to get information, I will also do my part to share whatever knowledge I may have in helping out people see the truth about how we are manipulated by these elite society.

  139. what its all about the illuminati words means??????????????????????

  140. Im a guy who lives in the philippines and who ever wants to know everything visit my site!!! NEW WELFARE ORDER WILL COME!

  141. It is hard to explain in short sentence, so I’ll try.

    hollywood music industry = hypnotism, yeah including Justin Beiber, and death of MJ

    religion = hypnotism, division of beliefs- here we have christianity vs muslim, plus those lunatic money hungry molesters sect leaders(for the sake of Pete).

    martial law marcos = way of US to get money from buying their weapons(by a marcos political advisor from US, the “economic assasin theory” from zietgiest)

    Corrupted marcos = the corrupted gold bars were looted by US investigators, sorry marcos hidden treasure hunters, this is true!!!

    rise of Aquinos = fall of Peso, news blackout because of brown outs(staged), plus the current President.

    nuclear power plant haitus = more punch to sink our economy

    rise of Lopezes = only top will rise and the bottom shall all fall.

    the death of Filipino companies = theoretically, not all Pinoy businessmen are idiot, but you’ll notice all the top rollers are gone, only Lopezes and Ayalas remain, which I doubt not a member of Illuminati.

    idiot Presidents = this is not a staged fault i believe, they really are idiot. we are an agriculture land but some idiots prefer to be next tiger of Asia, some just wanna concentrate on poor guys, why dont you concentrate on agriculture and middle class people who will most likely create more jobs for poor guys??? what a douche!

    installment of call centers = nice great job, even I works on a call center, only german’s. We get some money (not big) and more taxes for those corrupt politicians.

    corruption = Oh man, believe me I have seen it, just imagine a road being fixed near you, an hour delay would cost hundred thousand from the piggy bank, not to mention that is staged.

    For more info maybe just email me, lots of stuffs here to say.

  142. The Illuminati New World Order / CIA MJ12 / Global and US Military Industrial Complex are here, but they will not succeed. But we need to be more vigilant
    nowadays.. We need to unite my brothers and sisters , in unity we will have strength.
    These stuff that is happening is all about THE BATTLE for OUR SOUL. w w w. . Let’s unite ! my facebook is Reginald Gonzales or UFO Society of the Philippines. We are all Filipinos united against these groups. Peace Love and Light ! Namaste !

  143. omg tang ina pinoproblema nyu pa yan…. dami na ngang problema ang pinas pati naman ba illuminati haha…..

    <.< yan kasi babad kau mxdo manood mag internet kaya kahit anu na nababasa at tinitingnan nyu… ta3 bakit ba ako napunta sa site na2… <.< nanood lng ako ng katy perry na video umabot ako d2 hahaha

  144. when masonry started a long time ago it was full of bogus crap about religion and mysticism,high degree masons were satanist,they believe in witchcraft,magic and basically in satan,the counterpart of jesus, i think freemasonry today leans more towards the advancement of intellect and science,of course we still support spirituality,We still believe there is a God, i dont know who or what god is yet,thats what we are trying to figure out,you cannot control time,history shall take its course for good or for worse.

  145. hoy winter, kung my problems man ngayon ang pilipinas, dahil yun sa kagagawan ng secret societies katulad ng illuminati… dapat awareka jan dapat yan ang concern mo.. hindi yang katie perry crap mo. who cares kung hindi mApanood yang katie perry na yan… ang importante, alam mo kung ano ang magiging kahihinatnan ng kapabayaan natin..

  146. hoy winter, kung my problems man ngayon ang pilipinas, dahil yun sa kagagawan ng secret societies katulad ng illuminati… dapat aware ka jan dapat yan ang concern mo.. hindi yang katie perry crap mo. who cares kung hindi mo mApanood yang katie perry na yan… ang importante, alam mo kung ano ang magiging kahihinatnan ng kapabayaan natin..

  147. oo nga winter grabe k naman. dont u know katie perry’s a puppet of illuminati? same with lady gaga, rihanna, britney spears, jay-z , miley, justin bieber etc.. most mainstream artists today had sold their soul to them…I’ve been reading this for the past 2 days na. how disney secretly inserts their EVILNESS in their works… mind control of CIA,… infairness… d n ako makatulog sa kaba! try

  148. hoy mga bobo,totoo ang illuminati isa ako sa mga illuminati members dito sa pinas at gusto ko lang sabihin na mga bulag kayo sa katotohanan,pinapalakad kayo ng bulag na paniniwala ninyo kasi wala kwenta ang mga buhay niyo,well ganyan na talaga maging bulag nalang kayo habang buhay para hindi kayo maka abala sa mga plano namin,goodbye and good luck mamatay sana kayo sa chem trails.

  149. How can you say that you are a member of filipino underground society then show a sign.. or else …………………..die
    ..Fellas dont you wonder why Bamboo “Filipino Band” sang Tatsulok??? Because of the fact that underground society existing in our country …

  150. illuminati is real,i am charice pempengco and i am a slave of illuminati,we are satanist,what do we do?we collect people and experiment on them so we can do research on how to be immortal,we are nearly there we will not age,we cannot get sick,we can rejuvenate every type of wounds even whole organs and bodyparts!all of the remaining humans who did not get this immortal drug(note:”nano technology and biochemistry”) will die eventually because of genocide(apocalypse:hell VS heaven) every type of government sectors are in it too the army,politicians,popes all those people who are in power will be given a choice,join the freemasons or die!! they sold their souls to the devil for immortality in the worldly being!i am telling the truth believe in me this is the real charice pempengco,

  151. what is you current budget now?

  152. to2 bang c manny pacman ay illuminati rin?

  153. Philippine Manila Illuminati New World Order ( How to Fight the New World Order ) Part 1 of 2

  154. Philippine Manila Illuminati New World Order ( How to Fight the New World Order ) Part 2 of 2

  155. Philippine Illuminati COINTELPRO ( KNOW what they are using on Filipinos nowadays – DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS)

  156. @2012HumanAscension.
    Dear Bro your signature implies that you believe in the 2012 issue. Though I am not the kind to take on issues like this. From your writting I think it is not wise for me to ignore your beliefs. Care to give more detailes on the issue? Thanks

  157. Interesting.

  158. sa tingin ko ang illumninati ay totoo, kasi ang cousin ko na nasa amerika ay miyembro ng mason na konektado sa illuminati…si Jose Rizal ay hindi ikinasal ng simbahan kay Josephine Brachen dahil siya ay miyembro ng mason na hindi naniniwala sa Diyos, si andres bonifacio rin ay miyembro ng mason, base sa mga nabasa ko at may file raw ang UST nyan…

  159. bobokap and slick ; mga kapatid, THE ILLUMINATI is real and very much alive in Manila. The Freemasons were literally the masons of the Egyptian Alien ET pharoahs/so called gods during that time. All our problems in our society are intertwined with the DARK ET’s control over us and the Illuminati/NWO/Vatican is controlled by them (DARK ET’s – The Galactic Federation of False Light) . Many times in Earths history , these Dark ET’s have wiped out human civilizations, because we became too many to be controlled by them. Your prayer worship on your religions is the Dark Et’s FOOD for their survival. 2012 strong energies is already here to awaken our turned off DNA strands, and that will open our third eye, no more sickness and we will live longer in the third dimension of reality. An they don’t want that, FEAR (fake TERRORISM), and SLAVERY via ECONOMIC terrorism , illegal drugs STOPS the DNA awakening on humans. OUR MAINSTREAM MEDIA is CONTROLLED by the SHADOW GOVERNMENT in MANILA and WORLDWIDE ! It is time WAKE UP ! I believe this site is controlled by them,just to see if people are awakening in Manila. Please watch the video, this will show where we EARTH humans really came from :

  160. @Slick ; 2012 Energies are strong and will awaken our turned off DNA strands. This will virtually turn as into super humans, and the DARK ET forces (The Galactic Federation of False Light) who controls the Illuminati/NWO dont want this to happen, our AWAKENING to our TRUE selves ! Coz’ that will end their EVIL empire here on Earh and across the galaxies/universe. What happens here on earth has major implications across the universe. A battle between Light and Dark. Many times they have wiped out human civilizations for we became too many to be controlled by them. Our DNA SQUIRTS GRAVITY that BIRTHS the STARS !

  161. @philippinemanilailluminati
    >>illegal drugs STOPS the DNA awakening on humans

    If illegal drugs stops DNA awakening on humans, It will be legal by now because they control governments and they want to stop human awakening. Lets not gather bits of infos from everywhere and throw them to others without substantiating it with logical and analytical reasoning.

  162. @2012human – have you seen the playing cards or magic cards something like that version of illuminati? the picture illustrated the twin tower, antrax, war…and this years Olympics? in the picture there are 5 men representing the color blue, green, yellow red and black which is the color of olympic logo…and they are running away from the falling big ben…their cards are like predictions or like a plan, i hope nothing worst happen in this years olympics.

  163. >>Awakening of DNA strands??? open our third eye??? “I’d say awaken your common sense. “Listen to your conscience instead of listening to your corrupted politicians” we’d be better of listening to the old man with experience.
    >>This site is controlled by them???? They control the whole internet and much more.

    Join them and lead… I mean mislead them.
    Folks beware of these entities. They like to discuss galactic federation etc. Oh my!!!! we can’t even have a firm grip of earths. I am a scientifically inclined person I am an inventor I use common sense I am afraid to venture to where my senses is of no use. For if I do I would be relying entirely on luck. Now that’s not a very wise thing to do.
    Do you know the reason why religions insist on FAITH?




  165. Charice Pempengco, denied her membership to the organization, using her tweeter…. Illuminati is the century old secret society, and one world government….

  166. The Philippines is under the Illuminati influence it dates back way beyond our time.

    a good example is the Philippine flag.

    the triangle represents the pyramid and the sun represents or symbolize the all seeing eye.

    the rays of the sun which is 8 symbolizes chaos in any direction.

    the star represents the pentagram. the top and middle star represents the satanism. the bottom star represents
    witches, it represent the four basic elements (wind, water, earth and fire) plus a pantheistic spiritual being such as Gaia or Mother Earth.

    as for the old coins (not the bagong lipunan) and current coins we are using today has illuminati written all over it.

    the above example is just a few. you can search others for your self.

  167. MVP owns some of the biggest cos. here in the Phl, but before 1998 he was virtually unknown. I believe he is an illuminati, why? make your own research of the guy. He used to be an OFW, (EX-PAT) in Hongkong, he used to work for AMEX. It is owned by the first american millionaire who happens to be a known FREE MASON/ ILLUMINATI. Research Manuel V. Pangilinan, owner of PLDT, ABC 5, part owner of Meralco, attempted to buy GMA 7 for P46B and Sacramento Kings. Who is he?

  168. havent you seen hitman the illuminati is an organization so secret almost no proof exists yet has ties to ALL countries they dont have a side they play both sides in a war they usually pick the one who wins and also they are responsible for training and conditioning super soldiers trained in all forms of combat to kill(terrorists, assassins, police, army you name it they got it). Also known as the organization similar to the one in dark knight rises with remnants of knights templar and the classic in the vatican and usa and europe its also a cabal the one in japan is not popular and in australia also. They are intelligent crafty although there are some traitors not many are willing to come out. the philippines is the new jerusalem in their game plan and i know one illuminati member his name is a. (cant say cos i too fear for my life) even i suspect my family also because we have a clan that goes way back t family yes we are one we are many but we are far from each other when i spotted two illuminati members they got scared and walked away. Their weakness is the real jesus he has returned in his teachings find it translate it in tagalog and spread it to millions if you die (lets just say if you succeed the this should eliminate the vatican illuminati and have the europe illuminati vs usa vs asia vs vatican illuminati ( lets also just say that the real jesus has some wonderful friends watching with some beautiful things and the real threat would be the last man/daemon(thats their plan kill many people to bring their dark god to life if we hinder them with peace protest it should suffice) standing

  169. when they are done killing america and israel they will come for us all they are chaos incarnate and demon possessed cos we are destined to be the new jerusalem(lets just say jesus buddies intend to stick around a bit longer they just dont want 1000 year war thats all)

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  171. whoah this blog is great i like reading your articles.
    Keep up the good work! You realize, many persons are hunting round for this information, you can help them greatly.

  172. Illuminati New World Order exposed through Hip Hop, videos & Articles by Rap Artist SIRIUS,
    Hip Hop Music & Information explaining End Times’ Bible Prophecy, Secret Societies such as Illuminati, Freemasons and their New World Order

  173. Dark Ages => Catholic church banned the Bible (NOTE: that even 40 decades ago the Bible was deemed prohibited in Chatolic Philipines!)
    => Caused persecution and torture to true Christians (you can read this online)

    World War 1 and 2 were planned to happen. Search Hitler + Jesuit Priests
    World War 3 => is currently underway WILL START IN MIDDLE EAST AND SPREAD TO THE WORLD. all world wars were planned in the 17th or 18th century… I forgot (ssearch online regarding world war 3 planned ).

    FInal outcome? to control the world. Make all people serfs.

    NOTE: it may be possible ALIENS (REAL DEMONS) will be used to unite the world. This info is also available online.

    How about Philippines? Hopefully If China is not part of the plan then we can avoid major war. But we would face civil unrest and possible food and energy shortages to cull the number of people here. Prepare to stock pile some food and water.

    FINAL WORD: Ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness of our sins because and trust him with your endeavours + research online + prepare for worst case scenarios. [for Christians: please note- this country is Catholic…. as such we can expect that it might be possible that we would encounter persecution. Right now if you are a real Christian read you bible. Follow Gods Laws and Trust in God in all]

  174. Philippine Jobs
    Offshore IT
    Other Offshore

    Problem= Euro will crash, US dollar will crash (many will become jobless T_T)
    Outcome = a lot of unemployment
    Outcome2= Civil unrest and more poverty
    What to do?= Trust in God. stock up on food. Find a place in the province to relocate when worst comes to worst. look for alternative livelyhood when jobs are gone.

  175. ALSO:
    Where are the people of 2012 enlightenment/doomsayers? haha you got fooled because you trusted in that instead of GOD and the BIBLE!

  176. I will immediately snatch your rss feed as I can not in finding your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service.

    Do you’ve any? Please let me realize in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  177. To all you who do not believe in theONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD JESUS CHRIST THIS IS FOR YOU! If you are right and there is nothing after we die
    You have lost nothing in your belief . But I ‘AM HERE TO TELL YOU HELL IS

  178. Outstanding story there. What occurred after? Good luck!

  179. Hi there, It turned out that approx..a year before my first post here an incident happened in Japan which started the fall of this secret group. Please read about Benjamin Fulford. Good times ahead for humanity…

  180. For the sake of the religious people. Examine your blind faith again.I believe in God too. But on a different context. I am a scientific mind I can prove by mere reasoning the existence of God and besides it has been proven scientifically. There are many sites to gather info. I can also help you if you want to discus in regards but you first have to empty a bit from your cup if you want to fill it with new learning.Christ is a mere part of God just like you and me.Religion is a facet of the elite propaganda to divert humanity attention and to render the common sense dormant. That is why they insist on faith. My belief is based upon reason not faith. I fell pity for you really.

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  183. This is a long running topic. Henrik is right. At least we know what’s going on but we don’t have to be gloomy over it. Once we get at the whole truth (only happens to us upon death) then we may go peacefully.

    What I read: Not sure if all true:

    The Beatles are being known by many lately to be an experiment in predictive programming by Tavistock Institute (see Lennon and Macartney flashing Luciferian gang signs on their albums; also the cover of sgt. pepper’s album, is interesting. Some Beatles songs are used as triggering devices for the mind-controlled to kill). “Imagine” is an anthem for one world government; that Bertrand Russel (warning the Freethinkers out there) is a shameless eugenicist and member of the Fabian Society; that there are the Georgia Guidestones aiming for half a billion world population by a given date, and lots more. Now they are shamelessly out in the open (“Age of Aquarius” daw. Its their coming out party.) I read and listened to Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins, Nesta Webster, William Cooper and all other writers-bloggers I believe to be correct and sincere. My regular source of info is aangirfan. Henry Makow is also a good source, except that he has a Catholic agenda, not that I’m saying its bad. I’m unsure.

    The UN is a Theosophist organization. It wants one religion one, one government, one central bank. Make slaves of us, if you will. But I read somewhere that slavery is really a state of mind. Keep on resisting, but just pretend that you aren’t so you won’t be targeted.

    Go boycott some shit; make it a personal choice not to eat at Mcdo (they’re really called “food-like substance) or not drink Coke or buy from Fortune 500 and local oligopoly establishments. Civil disobedience is something not talked about here in the local MSM. Rallies don’t work and they get co-opted. And heaven forbid that a false flag happens when we decide to join one. Nope I’m staying home.

    To sum up what i know: I’ve been systematically lied to, pre-programmed to believe in some things and not in others, and the State has a big hand in it all. I’m given the illusion of choice thru voting, as well as choice of what to eat among the junk food outlets scattered around (see G. Carlin)
    Hey, the truth hurts, but suck it up. We’re on earth for only a short while anyway. Learn to deal with it.

    Socrates said we really don’t know anything. We just think we know.

    Its also good not to believe anything we say around here. Do your own research if we want to know the truth (see Bill Cooper).

    I take long walks at Mental Hospital grounds to ease my weary mind of this sudden flood of info. To me Mental is the sanest place to be right now. No kidding. Its like a park and you don’t have to engage in mindless consumer consumption unlike in the NWO malls. And parking’s free too.



  184. I know every shit they did to the world and our beloved country. WHY DONT WE FORM A BROTHERHOOD RIGHT NOW AGAINST ILLUMINATI, Im still student but and I ADMIRE HISTORY and i dream of the elimination of all related illuminati crap here in the philippines and maybe the whole organization. But crap, thats kinda impossible, I NEED MANPOWER, I SUGGEST WE FORM THIS GROUP NOW, SINCE WE ALL AGREE TO EACH OTHER, WERE ON THE SAME PAGE HERE. THEY CANT TOUCH US, CAUSE WE’LL WORK UNDERGROUND, START SMALL, I HOPE CIA IS NOT SEEING THIS BLOG ^^




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  189. How can I join?

  190. Maybe because you dont have an idea who realy run the world according to the Scripture and what is the real meaning of Philippine flag symbol built by a Freemason.
    New world order isn’t about stability of such and country, its about world population control and slavery including the Philippines under the authority of the Bankers Elite and the church of Vatican that almost establish an influence on the philippine government.

  191. Maybe because you dont have an idea who realy run the world according to the Scripture and what is the real meaning of Philippine flag symbol built by a Freemason, and were illuminati’s NWO originated or started.
    New world order isn’t about stability of such any country, its about world population control and slavery ofcource it include the Philippines under the authority of the Bankers Elite and the church of Vatican that almost established an influence in the philippine government.

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