Posted by: liwanag | September 21, 2008

Lighting A Candle

There’s a nice quote I encountered: that you can take a candle into a pitch dark room and illuminate it, but you can never take darkness into a well-lit room and darken it.

This blog is about truth. And like the quote above about light–truth is a one way street. However unlike light the path to truth is harder, more circuitous, more deceptive, and more frustrating.

There are many truths we are all led to believe, and especially for me as a Filipina, bred in a predominantly Christian country, educated in a Catholic school–I have grown up accepting a lot of truths, only to realize later that all I had were presumptions of truth.

All the world is a stage–and global events take place due to the machinations of a small elite group of people who move behind the curtain outside of the public eye, and the Philippines, small country in one corner of Southeast Asia is no exception to the rule. Perhaps the Philippines is an even more aggravated version of the world simply because it is a much smaller arena, but no less dominated by a similar elite, who perhaps are much bigger in influence being in such a small country.

This blog is a tongue-in-cheek look at everything I’ve come to take for granted about the Philippines: our history, our economy, our livelihood, current events, our faiths, our heroes, our villains. Not everything is what it seems and my shock is that it doesn’t take much to dig below the surface and peek behind the veil to see the terrible, sometimes vile truths behind the fictions we’ve been led to believe are fact.

The deceptions belie all sections of society–and the scale at which people’s lives are being manipulated to serve the interests of the small elite are staggeringly and depressingly macrocosmic.

Another quote I like:

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Wish me luck. Wish us all some luck–that we may ultimately find the truth we all seek.



  1. im also seeking for the truth…. more updates please

  2. A very few people can handle the truth,they prefer to stay blind,they dont look at the big picture,if you only know what i know maybe then will you come to realize that we are not alone,we as a species need to start making some changes about how we see things.we cannot fix the world with hate and pride.

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